How To Know What Your Customers Really Want

How to Know What Your Prospects are Thinking


You will be very glad you read this article! You can use this information to locate your target customers when you begin to improve your marketing program. Find out what your customers really want! In truth, the physical makeup of your target customer is responsible for only about 10% of the success equation for small business owners. The reason for this low percentage has to do with the way human beings make decisions.

Most people buy based on their emotions.

That means that 90% of a small business owner’s success will be determined by how accurately they define their target customer’s emotional profile. When you know and understand human emotion, you can then predict with much greater accuracy exactly what your target customers want.

By developing an emotional profile of your target customers, you will reveal specifically what it is they want, and then you can alter and improve your business to give your target customers what they really want. The emotional profile identifies their “hot buttons” – emotionally compelling problems, frustrations, fears and concerns that your prospects have when they go to buy your product or service.

The physical profile of your target customer defines the prospective clients who have a logical NEED to use your product or service, whereas the emotional profile defines the prospects who have an emotional reason to buy. In other words, they actually WANT to buy what you are selling!

Your prospects are searching for solutions to what’s bothering them emotionally.

If you provide the solution those prospective/target customers want, and you offer the most value when compared to your competition, they will buy from you every time. Always remember that everyone wants the best deal. The “best deal” doesn’t mean just the lowest price. It means the most value for the price they are willing to pay. As an example, your prospects may be willing to pay twice the price your competitors charge for the same product or service, providing you clearly offer four times the value.



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