Tip to Attract More Profitable Customers… It’s Not What You Think

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Many business owners get it wrong when it comes to marketing.

I’m about to share with you something that may seem counterintuitive.

Some may even think it’s bad advice but you’ve got to understand the rational before you make your judgement.

A lot of the times people think “What is the cheapest way I can get customers?”

“What is the cheapest way I can find prospects?”

Well, that’s the worst way to go about getting leads, is the cheapest.

The best way is to think “How can I pay the most to get my customers?” “How can I do this and still be profitable?”

You may be wondering “Why in the world would you want to do that?”

Well let me tell you this, when you market more effectively and can afford to pay more for getting customers and prospects you will attract higher value customers.

And in doing that you can have a better return on investment.

For example you could run cheep-cheep ads say on Craigslist right?

Are those the type of customers or clients that you’d be looking to get?

That may be the cheapest way you can get an ad out there or get your message out there but is that going to give you the best return? However what if you wanted to market to the affluent and you wanted to go after your either high premium businesses or high-end clientele.

Do you think a cheap ad is going to cut it? No! Of course not!

What if you were to market to them very specifically and give them a shock in our package.

If you’re marketing to the affluent or somebody who has a lot of options, you’ve got to get their attention.

You’ve got to share with them why they should do business with you. Why they should buy your product or your service.

And so being able to afford more to market to that ideal customer it’s going to give the opportunity to get a better return on investment because when you have more profitable customers that continue to do business with you with higher profitability that’s much better off than going the cheap route getting cheap customers who are shopping on price.

How you market matters. So the concept that I want you to take away is to spend more on your leads than your competitors.

When you do this you’re going to get the better customers you’re gonna get the better clients and it’s going to show in your bottom line.

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