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Top 8 marketing strategies for lead generation

Top 8 Authority Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

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Rockstar Professionals leverage authority marketing and understand the importance of acquiring leads. You need leads to nurture into potential customers so you can serve them and grow your business. In order to generate leads, you need a strategy. Below are 8 strategies you can use to generate leads into your business. As an authority you should get use to being an author. The lead generation ideas stem from thought leadership. Kind of funny when you think about it. Leadership generates leads.

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Top business thought leaders on vision, branding and image

Top Business Thought Leaders on Vision, Branding and Image

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The most successful entrepreneurs have a team of advisors that they trust. The advisors may be their board of directors, a mastermind group, or even a group of like-minded individuals. When building your business, it is important to continually surround yourself with positive individuals striving to reach new heights.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the Cox Media Group, WOKV Business Expert Forum hosted by Rich Jones. The forum provided the perfect opportunity for local business owners to learn from and share with each other.

The Business Expert Panelists included:

  • Mike Lester owner and CEO of Talon Wealth Management – Financial
  • Paul Astelford from Visit Jacksonville – Local
  • CC Underwood from the Sellin’ With CC Team at Keller Williams – Realty
  • Kenny Harper from Rock My Image – Marketing
  • John Keeley from Community First Credit Union – Community

Top 5 Takeaways from Thought Leaders on Vision, Branding and Image

(all mentions below are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

1) Leveraging Modern Marketing Works – Mike Lester

Traditional media still gets a large amount of eyeballs but digital marketing can be more targeted, it is easier to measure and can be quickly optimized. If you are not leveraging a digital marketing strategy you are missing a great opportunity to grow your business.

2) Real Change Begins with a Strong Vision – Paul Astelford

Many entrepreneurs put the cart before the horse by starting to execute goals before defining a clear vision. A vision is the blueprint to whatever you are conceptually building. When it comes to developing a vision, the more you can define what you’re aiming to achieve the better. Business owners should lead their company to fulfill a well thought out vision.

3) You Must Be Bold and Different – CC Underwood

If you do not differentiate yourself in a crowded market, you may be viewed as a commodity. You must take the time and energy to work on defining what makes you unique and why people would want to choose you over your competitors. Be yourself and authentic but also be sure to highlight what makes you unique.

4) Your Mindset is Paramount to Success – Kenny Harper

There are a lot of statistics showing how the majority of small businesses fail. You must keep a positive, abundant mindset to reach success. If you expect to fail, you most likely will. Your decisions will be affected by your mindset and bring to fruition whatever you are expecting. Be diligent, be proactive and keep faith that it all will work out and you will increase your chances of success.

5) The Experience Matters – John Keeley

In a world where people have multiple options at their fingertips, it is more important than ever to have a quality and consistent experience for your customers. People will not necessarily remember everything about your business but they will most likely remember how you made them feel. Make them feel good and chances are you’ll earn their repeat business.

Jacksonville Business Experts

(Kenny Harper, Rich Jones & Wally Conway)

Are you implementing the thoughts and advice of great business leaders? Where do you need to put your attention and focus?

Business of Being a Brand Guide






Personal note:I found it very rewarding to hear the top business thought leaders in Jacksonville echo some of the core principals that I’ve been sharing on vision, branding and image. Great minds think alike! Special Thanks to John Showalter, Rich Jones, WOKV and the panelists for putting on a great event.

CSX Toastmasters

Toastmasters DCP Progress Planner Tool

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Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people by providing opportunities for their members to develop communication and leadership skills.

This Google Spreadsheet tool was created for Club Leaders and Area Directors to track their progress of completing their defined DCP (Distinguished Club Program) goals in order to achieve the respective awards and recognition.

Benefits of the Toastmaster DCP Progress Planner Tool:

  • It’s easy to use and keep up to date
  • It’s in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere by multiple devices
  • It can monitor your club’s and member’s progress towards success

In Toastmasters, clubs are encouraged to achieve a certain level of goals each fiscal year. These goals are aimed to keep the clubs healthy and successful which ultimately benefits the members. Clubs need to achieve at least five goals to be recognized as Distinguished, seven to be recognized as Select Distinguished and nine to be recognized as President’s Distinguished.

Toastmasters International does provide reports online for clubs to track their progress towards completing their goals. The challenge is, there is not an easy way to track and monitor the percentage of the progress of the goals that have not already been completed.

Example: A goal for a club may be for a member to achieve an Advanced Communicator Award. The online reporting will show when the goal is completed but will not show the progress towards completing the goal or when it is expected to be completed.

The DCP Planner Tool provides two Tabs & Functions that can help Strategically Plan Goals and Track Their Completion.

  1. The Club Planner Tab – This outlines each DCP goal and lets the user fill in details on who will complete the goal and when it is expected to be completed.
  2. The Member Planner Tab – This can be filled out with the club members and track the progress of where each member is in their progress of achieving certain goals so that progress can be monitored and leveraged for strategic planning.

Area Directors can provide the DCP Planner Tool to their club’s club officers to empower their club officers and so that they have a way to track the progression of completion of DCP goals.

Club Officers can use the DCP Planner Tool to strategically plan out their DCP goals and monitor their club’s overall progress. The club officers may also choose to share the Member Tracker Tool with their club members to help their members plan and track progress on their individual goals.

An Overview of the DCP Progress Planner:

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Lillian R. Bradley Toastmasters

Toastmasters Progress Tracker Tool

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Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people by providing opportunities for their members to develop communication and leadership skills.

This Google Spreadsheet tool was created for members to track their progress of completing both the Communication and Leadership tracks required in order to achieve the Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

This spreadsheet outlines the required steps and actions one needs to take in order to complete and provides a convenient way to create a strategy towards completion.

Benefits of the Toastmaster Progress Tracker Tool:

  • It’s easy to use and keep up to date
  • It’s in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere by multiple devices
  • It can accelerate your success in the program

An Overview of the Progress Tracker:

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The Back Story Why I created the Tracker:

I joined Toastmasters in 2010 and completed the Competent Communicator track within my first year of being a member. At the time I was doing approximately one speech per month. In 2011 I became a father and took a hiatus from the program. While I had anticipated only being gone for a few months, I was gone for four years. I rejoined the program in 2015 and committed to complete both tracks and earn the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. However in the new club I joined, there was only an opportunity to speak in rotation every two to three months. At that rate it would have taken several years to complete the program. Since I already was out of the program for several years I wanted to accelerate my progress not stretch it out. This lead me to create the Progress Tracker Tool so I could plot out my path for success. In order for me to accelerate my goal I needed to give a few speeches a month by visiting other clubs. The tool helped me plan out a realistic plan to achieve my goal and I was able to complete both tracks in a little over a year. Having it in an electronic spreadsheet in the cloud let me easily access my progress from anywhere and make edits as needed. I hope this tool helps to empower others looking to strategically make progress in the Toastmaster program.

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