Authority Marketing: How to Leverage the 7 Pillars of Thought Leadership Highlights

Authority Marketing: The 7 Pillars of Thought Leadership

By visiting this blog post, chances are you are interested in Authority Marketing and what it could do for you and your business or career.

Authority marketing is really powerful strategy and in this article I’m going to share with you the Seven Pillars that you can use to elevate your status and begin having business and opportunity coming to you.

Now this book was written by Adam Witty of Advantage Media GroupForbesBooks and Rusty Shelton. There’s a lot of great content so let’s get right down to it.

What is Authority marketing?

Authority marketing is a process that builds your visibility and credibility in your field and uses that thought leadership as a way to drive business and make a bigger impact.

Summed up in an equation you may say…

Authority equals Expertise times Celebrity

Why Should Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Leverage Authority Marketing?

Authority marketing, it levels the playing field and accelerates trust. Trust leads to more opportunities, more business, more sales, more profitability. Just look at your average celebrity. Do they have to go around looking for opportunities or does it come to them?

Overview of the Seven Pillars of Thought Leadership:

  1. Branding and Omnipresence.
    People need to know who you are, what you’re about, the purpose you serve and why people should do business with you versus somebody else. Furthermore this information should not just live on your website or your LinkedIn page or your business card. You need to be omnipresent. You need to be everywhere your prospects are.
  2. Lead Generation
    And it’s great to have visibility but if you really want to gain business, you’ve got to attract leads, you’ve got to be putting a message out there that is attracting people to come to you for the value that you provide. Do this with a lead generation strategy.
  3. Content Marketing.
    Content marketing is a great way to show thought leadership put out your personality and send out a signal that starts attracting the people who are tuned in to your frequency so you can gain their trust.
  4. PR and Media.
    You got to have a strategy for public relations and being in the media. The more you can do this, the higher you elevate your status, the more opportunities you attract.
  5. Speaking.
    Perhaps is one of the most effective ways to be seen as a thought leader. Being in front of a room sharing your unique thoughts in front of an audience, connecting with them. That is very powerful and cannot be replaced.
  6. Events.
    Creating your own events can be very effective at building rapport in establishing a connection with your audience.
  7. Referral Marketing.
    Building an engine that attracts new business and new leads and new opportunities is great but when you can amplify it with referrals now you’re going to be unstoppable.

You may be asking “Is Authority marketing something that really works?”

Let me tell you I’ve been using it for myself and it has been working for me. I’ve been featured in magazines, interviewed in the media, been able to speak around the nation at thought leadership events, participated in large global events such as the Harvard Faculty Club’s Business Expert Forum and earned the opportunity to be a President of the No B.S. Inner Circle Jacksonville Chapter.

Doing these things has elevated my career, changed my life and it could do it for you too.

You may be asking “Well how do I get started with authority marketing?”

Number one, Awareness.

You need to have awareness of authority marketing what it is and the concepts and components of it.

Number two you need to have a Strategy.

It’s great to be aware about something but you need to have a strategy that’s actually going to get results.

Number Three you need to Take Action

One way you can take action is you can get your own copy of Authority Marketing. It’s available on Amazon.

I’ve bought many copies of this and actually give it out to my clients and the different people that I work with to help them elevate their authority.

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Awesome so that’s an idea of what you could do with the authority marketing definitely pick up your copy on Amazon.

Have any questions or looking for how this can implement in your business or industry?

Connect with me and let’s figure out how we can amplify your business using Authority Marketing.

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