Love What’cha Love With All the Love That You Got

I find it very interesting that all of the lessons in life have been learned before countless times and yet we feel obliged to forage our own lessons the hard way. In many of my posts I claim to Claim Your Stage to live your BOLD Vision, but before you go to achieve your audacious goal you must take time to appreciate what you already have and be sure that when you’re reaching higher it isn’t just an illusion of satisfaction your chasing but a obtainment of a larger purpose utilizing your gifts.

Learning Lessons From History

Look out for the greener grass mindset

One story I told I shared in a speech I gave in Orlando to a Leadership Summit. It was a story of William Swain that I picked up from watching Ken Burn’s The West. William Swain was a 27 year old farmer who lived in Youngstown, New York. He was married to a wife name Sabrina and a father to a his baby girl. He had a nice life working on the farm living with his family and was very happy. When the discovery of a plethora of gold was reported in 1848 suddenly his life riches didn’t seem so bright and he wanted to claim his share of the new riches.

A trip across the untamed west was dangerous and could be a one way ticket. Thousands of people died from disease, starvation, violence or other complications. William’s trip was met with many challenges. He endured getting sick on the wagon trail, being stuck in a cabin with miserable conditions through the winter, and suffering through brutal heat of the desert while making his ways through the tough terrain. After almost encountering death on several occasions when William reached California he wasn’t the only person who got the memo. Thousands of people migrated across the country risking their lives for their share of riches only to find that there was not enough gold and opportunity to go around. They were proclaimed the forty-niners.

Avoid re-learning things that are already known

William ended up returning to home with no more money than he left with but did gain something perhaps even more valuable. He developed much more appreciation for the blessing and riches that he already had.

Be grateful for what you have

The point of sharing this story isn’t to discourage anybody from going after what they want or taking chances. The point of this story is to be sure that you love and appreciate what you already have. If you want to aim higher or reach for more, that is ok but don’t let your ambitions rob you from your current blessings. Be grateful for what you have in the present and follow your heart as you continue to thrive. This is an important lesson in life, for if you don’t appreciate what you have you may never find satisfaction as you will always be looking for more.

“Love What’cha Love With All the Love That You Got & Shine Thankful for Everyday” – Kip Kolb of kLoB

What life lessons have you learned that you later realized you had already learned and shared before?

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