Dedicated to be a Warrior for Positive Change in the World

By January 11, 2016Business Growth
Dedicated to be a warrior of positive change in the world

Well it’s official. I’ve found my personal calling and I’m now Dedicated to being a Warrior for Positive Change in the World.

Let me break this down on what this means to me:

Dedication: the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

Warrior: a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

Positive Change: inspiring minds to think bigger and live richer.

World: changing one’s mind has a ripple effect that is limitless and can change the history.

Moving forward as I move on in my journey I want to dedicate my focus and attention to help raise people’s awareness, ideas and beliefs in what is possible in the world if we have the right knowledge and mindset.

The Path to Finding this New Vision

For awhile now I’ve been a bit lost. I’ve been very grateful and happy with my life and all that I have in it. I have a loving family, wonderful friends and a career that I highly enjoy. My health and finances are ok and I have many enjoyable experiences in my life but couldn’t help to feel like I was missing some direction or bigger purpose for focusing my energy. I enjoy growing my business, Rock My Image, with my partners and am passionate about sharing ideas about branding and marketing but I also was looking for a way to impact lives in a deeper way.

Through self reflection and studying philosophy I’ve come to find that money, fame and fortune are not what’s important in life, although our society seems to suggest it. So if those things don’t really drive me and I’m very happy with what I have, I asked myself what is my fuel and focus aimed towards. Through the last decade I’ve come to find that I do possess a quality to inspire others and I’ve been given feedback from people that has totally moved me. I’ve been told that I’ve helped save one’s life and helped change the direction in many others. I’ve contemplated about being an inspirational speaker or influencer before but had the limiting thought that there are so many people out there already doing it. It’s a crowded space. Why be another brick in the wall.

Challenging Limited Beliefs

Through meeting people and reading books I’ve come to find the following:

  1. I am the only person who can share my personal stories, beliefes and view points. By not sharing this with others I am holding back my gift to the world.
  2. Regardless that there are already many positive influencers in the world, there is still a large demand for more. One look around at our society and culture you can see the need.
  3. This is my life, I can make of it whatever I choose. If I want it to be amazingly awesome and have a positive impact on the world it’s up for me to make it happen.

Moving Forward for Positive Change

As I move forward in my journey, I will continue to read, listen and learn. I will continue to think, reflect and share. This passion of mine is something I feel zen when I’m doing. I feel energy and excitement when I connect with and help others. I invite you to join me on the journey to personal growth and together we are on our way to change the world.

What is your Passion? What are you Dedicating yourself to?

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