Create a Community for Your Brand- Its All About the Audience

Create a Community for Your Brand- Its all About the Audience

Relationships are Two-Sided

Building a branded community. What is this? Well the audience that you attract may come to you, look at your web page, come to your social media profiles; comment on, like, tweet or  share your pages. They may interact with you but are you interacting with them? That’s an important part. To really be the rock star you need to connect with your audience, let them know that you care that they are there and appreciate their support, this allows you to form deeper relationships.

“It takes too much time..”

Indeed it can be very time consuming to try to interact everybody all the time on social media, it’s a non-stop party online but you can take a little bit of time here and there to go through and respond people that have responded to you.

Try This:

  • Ask them questions
  • Provide answers
  • Thank them for sharing & getting involved

This will help you get to know your audience and begin to build and establish relationships.

Nobody Likes a Person Who Only Talks About Themselves

I see a lot of people missing the mark when it comes to online social media and in person marketing for that matter, people go to an event or they’ll go online into a group and post something that is self-serving and then wonder why nobody’s responding. It’s because people don’t know who they are. It’s so important to take the time to establish those relationships, let people know:

“Hey it’s nice to meet you! That’s really important information that you shared! Here’s also something that you were asking about, let me provide some value!”

“Hey Sally I think you did an amazing job, congratulations on your accomplishment!”

Having some dialogue, establishing your community, having the interaction; that’s how you’re really going to create the difference between just putting content out there and actually building something of value. You see people who are rocking it and know how to do this, they’re leveraging the relationship because they’ve paid attention.

For New Results Try a New Approach

I’ll admit in the past I’ve gotten so busy trying to be focused on work and getting stuff done that I missed some of the important part of actually taking the time to connect and build a relationship. I may have done this if I was face-to-face but sometimes online it seemed a little disconnecting. Here’s the cool thing you can always change your habits and start taking new actions right now!

If you’re looking for new results you’ve got to take new actions. If you’re going to do the same old actions, you’re always going to get the same old results. If we’re looking to elevate we’ve got to grow by taking new actions!

Come Up With a Simple Strategy

Establish your community, start small maybe pick a couple Facebook or LinkedIn groups, snapchat or whatever it is you’re doing and interact with the little community. Build some rapport and once they know who you are, maybe come up to them in the next party (online). Slowly through time invite them to interact with you, tune into your frequency, subscribe to your newsletter, watch your videos or come to your webinar and events etc. BUT you’ve got to build that initial relationship. It’s critical.

Strive For Genuine

If you come off snooty and don’t connect with people then they’re not going to want to connect with you, bottom line. Or if they do and you’re in a place of such high status that they’re coming to you even when you’re being snooty, then they probably just want something from you and it’s not a genuine connection. So really connect with people, be authentic and establish real relationships.


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