Choose A Branded Domain Name To Strengthen Your Personal Brand

By August 22, 2017Personal Branding
Choosing a Branded Domain Name to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

Take the Use of Websites a Step Further

Having your own branded domain name, very important. Once upon a time people and businesses didn’t have websites, in fact it wasn’t even that long ago that I remember it. Then some businesses started to pioneer into the internet world and began to get their own websites. After a while every business had a website and if you didn’t have one, your business really wasn’t in business.

The same thing is happening right now in this revolution of personal branding, ordinary people have their own websites. Not everyone has one at this point but the pioneers who are really aiming to elevate and be the rock star professionals in their industry do.

Have More Than One, It Helps!

Some professionals including myself have more than just one, they may have several for different things such as one for their company, one for their personal brand, and one for a particular type of service or program that they offer. I have one for letting people select a time to do a coaching appointment with me, I have another one for my professional image when it comes to being a keynote and professional speaker, and l also have websites that I’ve created for different programs and offerings that I have.

Having different domain names can be very beneficial but having at least one for yourself with your name in it is necessary if you really want to be an authority in your industry and to develop your personal brand and status.

Late to the Personal Website Party? No Need to Worry

Now if you’re like me and didn’t jump on very early you may not even have your own name .com. There’s a guy who has family and if you go to you’ll see that this guy (not me) has had his website for quite some time, and Kenny, good for you for having that website. I had to choose a different website when I was in graphic design and chose but as i’ve elevated and changed in my career I now have the website it really fits my personal brand, it rocks and it has my name. So you can keep your .com, I have a .rocks and I think that’s much cooler.

How To Create Your Own Domain Name

There are a lot of different domain name extensions so if you can’t get the .com perhaps you can get a .us, .net, a .rocks, there are plenty of other opportunities out there. You can go on a domain name provider such as godaddy then put in the name that you’d like and see what’s available.

Go ahead and register your own name now. If you’d like you can use your name plus a dash or something else, for example, if your name was John Doe you could use johndoebusiness or johndospeaks etc. So you can try different words if you’re own name isn’t available.

Is Your Company About Page Good Enough?

You might already have a website for your company, an about page and even a social media profile but that’s not the same as having your own website. Get your own domain name and have your own website that reflects your personal brand. Let people know about YOU because when it comes to business people, they do business with others because of who they are. Especially when it comes to service professionals, not as much in the product face, but when it comes to service professionals, connecting with them establishes a relationship. So let them know who you are!

Advantages of Showing Your Purpose

Have your own website and show that it isn’t just a sales website. In fact that shouldn’t be the priority, the priority should be letting people know who you are, what you’re about and the purpose you serve.

Let your brand shine on your website! Create value, try to connect with people and try to get them to come into your frequency; the opportunity to establish and nurture the relationship and potentially provide them with your service will come through time.

Take Action

Go ahead right now and start off by visiting your domain name registrar of choice. Type in your name, find a domain name that’s going to fit you and register if you haven’t done it already. If you have, consider getting another one or if you have kids maybe get their domain names, just a thought.


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