Work Smarter and Earn More with Ascension and Continuity

Ascension and Continuity

Work Smarter and Earn More with Ascension & Continuity

Hey there Amplifiers, Kenny Harper here, business growth expert and I’m here to share with you an idea that you should definitely consider having in your business.

It’s continuity and ascension.

So what is continuity and ascension?

Well continuity is when you have a service that you can continue to repeat. You have kind of like a subscription.

Now some companies already have this in their business model, others may need to think about how they can be more creative to implement this in their business model.

For example an attorney can offer a subscription so that they’re hired and they provide a certain amount of hours per that subscription.

A plastic-surgery company may have certain services like skin refreshing or something like that that they can offer on a regular basis.

They can create a membership where people can get a discount and be part of a program. Where they feel like they have more ownership of and they’re more involved with and that will increase repeat business. When you do that that increases the lifetime value of a customer and doing that increases your profits.

So the other part of this equation is the ascension. Now an ascension plan is really to have a plan of how you’re gonna get someone to start doing business with you. Maybe they starting on a basic level.They need to experience doing business with you and you provide value you provide consistency and through time, you can say

“We’ve been doing business together would you like to take this to the next level?” “Would you like to super-size that?” Right?

Then you can take them to a more advanced level and provide more value. That’s a key component for this to work. You can’t just expect people to buy more and do the same thing. You’ve got to make sure that you’re providing more value.

Then you could consider taking them to your platinum level, all the way up the ascension ladder. Some people call this a value ladder.

Having this mapped out in your business and having a plan of how you’re going to take someone for point A to point Z and guide them through the process can be very powerful for business.

So how do you do this? How do you implement an ascension in continuity into your business? It starts by having a strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can have a strategy, you can go to my website and you can get a free copy of my book, Amplified Business Breakthroughs and apply to get a session with me or I’ll show you the map and give you some resources of how you can build your own Ascension and Continuity Program for your business for more profits and more freedom. Be sure to like this video, leave a comment if you have any questions and I always appreciate shares.

Thank you very much. Catch you on the re-run.

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