Visualization Techniques to Realize Your Full Potential

Visualization techniques to realize your full potential

Your mind is very powerful and if you want it to put it to work for you, you must proactively use it. One simple technique that is very powerful is the technique of Visualization. Visualization simply requires you to clearly think about what you’re attempting to do, accomplish or acquire and put focus on it.

The technique of visualization does several things to utilize mind power:

  1. It puts the focus on what you want.
    When you focus on what you want, you’re not focusing on the wrong thoughts. That’s half the battle, getting your mind to be focusing on the solutions not the problems.
  2. You program your subconscious mind.
    Your mind records everything you mentally consume or think. Programming it with what you want gets your subconscious mind working for you. This is similar to how you may be trying to remember a particular detail of something but you for whatever reason can’t recall. You put it in your subconscious mind that you’re seeking the answer and then it goes to work looking for the answer. Later in the day out of the blue the answer pops in your mind. Your subconscious has served you. You can have it serve you on bigger agendas if you let it know what you’re aiming to solve.
  3. You activate the law of attraction.
    Many people have proven the law of attraction that like attracts like. By thinking positive thoughts about something you will omit a frequency that will bring the thing that you seek to you. This is what the famous book The Secret professes. However, many people including myself disagree with The Secret’s claim you simply need to think about it and it will happen. You need to take some actions too. Some things may stumble into your life by chance but in most cases you’ll need to make plans and take action to acquire what you want.

Three Steps towards Effective Visualization

  1. Clearly define what you’re looking to accomplish.
    What is it you’re looking to do, obtain, acquire? Get fit, earn a promotion?
  2. Relax your body and mind.
    Take a moment to get your mind calm and collected. It’s not effective to visualize if your mind is cluttered and unfocused.
  3. Spend five to ten minutes visualizing on what you want.
    You actually need to take the time to do this to make it work. Mentally envision the items that you are seeking, the more clear and detailed, the better.

Always visualize your goal as if it is currently happening to you. Make it real, clear and detailed.

Do this on a regular basis. There is power in repetition.

What Success Techniques Have You Found that Have Helped You with Visualization?

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