Use A Branded Email Address To Represent Yourself

By August 15, 2017Personal Branding
Use a Branded Email to Represent Yourself

Establish Credibility

Having a branded email address differentiates you just a little bit but the one thing it really does is makes you look more credible. If you’re using gmail, hotmail, or yahoo (if you if you’re using yahoo in particular you should really question yourself because they’ve been hacked so many times at this point), you should consider switching. It’s not bad to use those email providers, some people prefer them but if you’re going to market yourself, use your branded email address. It will look like your name at your company name or your brand name .com, .net, .us, .biz, whatever you have.

Lack of a Branded Email Address Puts Up an Orange Flag

When I see somebody has a domain or email address that’s not branded, I start scratching my head and wonder how long they’ve been in business. Most businesses that I’ve seen have branded email addresses. When I see someone that doesn’t have a branded email address it puts up an orange flag. Don’t put orange flags up for your prospects or your customers, market yourself professionally, let that email brand you even further.

Making It Easy

Have an email address that includes your company name or your brand name. It’s easy to do, you can have it forwarded to your other email addresses and if you really just want to use your other email addresses you can do that for you communications. I suggest finding a way to use google apps or Microsoft to correspond with your branded email address. I personally use google apps for business, now called G sweet which lets me use my branded email address using gmail’s platform.

Take Action

If you haven’t already done this and you have an @gmail, @yahoo etc., make sure you take the time and energy to really put your best foot forward by getting a branded email address. Go ahead and do this today!


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