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By July 1, 2016Leadership
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Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people by providing opportunities for their members to develop communication and leadership skills.

This Google Spreadsheet tool was created for Club Leaders and Area Directors to track their progress of completing their defined DCP (Distinguished Club Program) goals in order to achieve the respective awards and recognition.

Benefits of the Toastmaster DCP Progress Planner Tool:

  • It’s easy to use and keep up to date
  • It’s in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere by multiple devices
  • It can monitor your club’s and member’s progress towards success

In Toastmasters, clubs are encouraged to achieve a certain level of goals each fiscal year. These goals are aimed to keep the clubs healthy and successful which ultimately benefits the members. Clubs need to achieve at least five goals to be recognized as Distinguished, seven to be recognized as Select Distinguished and nine to be recognized as President’s Distinguished.

Toastmasters International does provide reports online for clubs to track their progress towards completing their goals. The challenge is, there is not an easy way to track and monitor the percentage of the progress of the goals that have not already been completed.

Example: A goal for a club may be for a member to achieve an Advanced Communicator Award. The online reporting will show when the goal is completed but will not show the progress towards completing the goal or when it is expected to be completed.

The DCP Planner Tool provides two Tabs & Functions that can help Strategically Plan Goals and Track Their Completion.

  1. The Club Planner Tab – This outlines each DCP goal and lets the user fill in details on who will complete the goal and when it is expected to be completed.
  2. The Member Planner Tab – This can be filled out with the club members and track the progress of where each member is in their progress of achieving certain goals so that progress can be monitored and leveraged for strategic planning.

Area Directors can provide the DCP Planner Tool to their club’s club officers to empower their club officers and so that they have a way to track the progression of completion of DCP goals.

Club Officers can use the DCP Planner Tool to strategically plan out their DCP goals and monitor their club’s overall progress. The club officers may also choose to share the Member Tracker Tool with their club members to help their members plan and track progress on their individual goals.

An Overview of the DCP Progress Planner:

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