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Thought Leaders – The Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club.

Join us on our journey as 100+ Global Thought Leaders banded together at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club to develop and enhance their speaking skills, while simultaneously creating instant high-value marketing assets to demonstrate their elevated Status. For the first time ever, this book contains a compilation of all the speeches given at this highly coveted event. You can now be a part of this 2 full days of networking and masterminding, where these phenomenal entrepreneurs are opening up and giving you their secrets for taking their businesses to the next level and beyond.

Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club is an annual conference for thought leaders. This book is the collected wisdom of the 2016 event, with participation from more than 100 experts and world-changers from around the world.

I shared my story  Claim Your Stage at The Harvard Faculty Club’s Business Expert Forum and it is featured in this international best-selling book Thought Leaders.

The reason I really like this book is it shares personal stories from Thought Leaders all over the world from different industries and perspectives. You can get many ideas of how to share and tell your story by reading passages from the book. There are doctors, attorneys, athletes and scholars sharing their stories alike.

This book is dedicated to all the Thought Leaders that know the difference between success and failure, victory and defeat, and survival or annihilation on the entrepreneurial battlefield, who wear their battle scars proudly and aren’t afraid to “put it all out there.” This is the meaning of true success.

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