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Unlock Your Full Potential with The Ultimate Secret

Marketing and business-building gurus Dan S. Kennedy and Bill Glazer deliver ‘the ultimate resource‘ for action-oriented individuals seeking to explode their income and develop competitive advantages that will endure the toughest of times.

When you study success, successful people and successful businesses, you will find that they have many differences and a very few important commonalities. Focusing on the commonalities is the premise of the classic “Think And Grow Rich” and the modern day Tony Robbins….

The Big Takeaway:

I don’t know if it’s my creative spirit or what but in my early professional life, I continually had a compelling urge to try and re-invent the wheel. Can you relate? This wasn’t intentional it just seemed to be how I tried to create. Rather than seeing what was around that is already working and modeling success, I tried to innovate and create something new. While innovation can lead to success, if you end up innovating something that has already been created… then you essentially have spent a lot of energy, focus and time re-inventing the wheel.

There have been countless people who have walked every path before you. Don’t re-create the wheel, model success, because when you model success, you in turn become… successful.

Study successful people, leverage proven resources and work with those who can help you get to where you’re trying to go quicker.

I appreciate Dan Kennedy’s mind, principals and no B.S. approach. Reading this book is straight forward and can direct you to take the right actions and form the right habits to achieve your full potential and The Ultimate Success.

“Control = Responsibility. Responsibility = Control” – Dan Kennedy

The Ultimate Success Chapters Overview:

  • Take Action to Take Charge of Every Aspect of Your Life
  • You Reap the Seeds You Sow
  • Take Action Get the Know-How You Need
  • Take Action to Shed Excess Baggage and Discover New Capabilities
  • Why Even Smart, Talented, Skilled people fail to get what They Want from Their Lives.
  • The Law of Attraction: The Universe Doesn’t Pay You for What You Know, But Rather What You DO
  • Learn to Trust Your Gut and Listen to Your Inner Voice

In this book you will learn specific strategies they use, not only succeed in their respective industries, but often do so in record time – strategies you can immediately apply to transform your own life and business.

Take Action to Take Charge of Every Aspect of Your Life

What is Your Ultimate Success Secret?


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