Style & Image Are Important In Personal Branding

By June 20, 2017Marketing
The importance of style and image in personal branding

The Impact Of Your Brand Style On Communication

The importance of brand style. Your brand style can communicate a lot. It can communicate the style that you have on your collateral or your tools such as: your website, newsletter and social media accounts as well as the different promotional items that you hand out. It can also be the style that you have yourself, the style that you have portraying who you are, what you do, and the purpose you serve.

Options To Consider When Choosing Your Brand Style

Now some people like to dress up really corporate and professional. You might wear a suit slacks or tie. If you are a woman, you might also wear a suit, a nice dress or slacks. Guys I guess could wear a dress too, it really depends on who you are and your background. Some people dress very professional while others dress more casual.

Dressing casual could mean wearing flip-flops on a stage or jeans, shorts, and a t-shirt. Really it depends on you and what you’re trying to portray. But know that how you dress and how you look portrays something about who you are, and it’s going to communicate something to different people.

My Experience With Style & Image Relating To Personal Brand

Some people have said to me, “Hey Kenny you seem to wear jeans, a dress shirt and sometimes a sports jacket. Are jeans professional?”

For me this works. My company is Rock My Image, I help produce Rockstar Professionals. If I dress up in a really high pressed suit and am way fancy, I’m going to be dis-congruent with my message. On the other hand if I’m dressed up in leather pants and spikes maybe I’m not portraying the message that I would like to either because I do have a business professional side that is really at my core. I do like music, having fun, and being energetic but I am also very serious when it comes down to business, business growth and strategic thinking. So I need to have the marriage of both worlds.

Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, you may dress to the occasion. But make sure that you’re dressing in a way that sticks out and really communicates who you are, what you’re about and the purpose that you serve.

You want to be consistent with your brand messaging. So how would you dress?

I had the opportunity to work with a mermaid as a fashion consultant and she took me around and showed me some different things to consider on how I could dress for different occasions. I had never hired a fashion consultant before but it’s actually kind of cool. It was a fun experience and I learned some different things about how clothes fit me that I did not previously realize. For example, i’m very tall, I’m long, and I stretch, so some clothes fit me better than others.

Take Action

If you haven’t hired a fashion consultant, maybe you should consider looking into it. Even if just for fun or for the experience. It might be eye-opening but I would certainly expect it to be enjoyable. Consider also wearing clothes that have your branded colors. If your branded colors have a lot of teal, try incorporating teal into your outfits creating consistency amongst your branded colors and your wardrobe.

Have fun with it. Show a little bit of personality. Don’t wear a gray suit all the time or always wear that safe dress. Show some flair. Have fun with it. But again be authentic to yourself. Rock on!


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