Have you ever asked yourself,

“How can I ever get ahead and get paid what I’m actually worth in my business?”

As a business owner, you’ve shown you have the ambition to do your own thing. You’ve accomplished goals, built a company and began your journey as a business owner. You’ve been savvy enough to invest in yourself and know that you are in control of your destiny with the actions you take.

The Most Common Challenge In Business.

Your business keeps you so busy and creates just enough revenue to operate your business so you have little personal or financial freedom. You seek to amplify your business and produce a more profitable business to have more freedom in your life so you can enjoy it. This takes, focus, clarity and working on the business and not simply in the business.

The Solution: The Roadmap to More Profits.

Money is not the most important thing in life. Money can not buy you love or happiness but it can buy you options. A majority of the problems in any business can be solved with more money. From lead generation and sales to equipment and operations, when you have more money in your business you can afford to invest more in your business making it a more valuable entity.

Now, I do not claim to have a “silver bullet” or “magic button” but I can provide the insights, tools and resources to help you generate more revenue and profits in your business and I guarantee it.

I offer a Business Breakthrough 10K Challenge where I can find 10K in your business in 45 minutes. And if I can find 10K in 45 minutes imagine how much we could find when we put real time, energy and resources to your business.

I know there are many “gurus” who claim to work magic in little time. The strategies I provide are not magic, they are tested business growth principals that have been proven to work for decades. The value I provide is the guidance, insight and direction to when and how to implement these strategies to get the best results.

But don’t just take my word for it, put me to the test. I invite you to take my 10K Challenge by scheduling a Business Breakthrough Session.

Please note, both your time and my time is valuable, so please keep in mind, this opportunity is NOT for people who are not coachable or aren’t willing to invest in themselves.

My program IS for business owners possess a positive attitude, a drive to amplify their business and are willing to take action and invest in themselves if they see an opportunity with a strong return on investment.

So if you’re serious about growing your business and are ready to make it happen, schedule a complementary session below. On the session, you will gain insights on what you can do to immediately begin growing the profits in your business.

You may be wondering why I’d be willing to offer complimentary sessions. I do this because I know by providing massive value to business owners and showing them the path to more profits, I will earn business either directly or by referral. When you know you can deliver and provide real transformation, prove it and opportunity will follow.


Put Me to the Test & Take the 10K Challenge to Uncover 10K in Your Business in 45 Minutes Guaranteed!

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Raving Reviews:

Jamie Glavich

Wow! I have been in business for a long time. After my business breakthrough I see the light and what I can do to take my business to the next level. I have decided to work with Kenny to help me amplify my business. I’m excited to be taking a bold step to grow my business.

Jamie Glavich
Medical Center Business Owner

Christoff Weihman

Through my career I have attended many different training events. What I like about Kenny’s approach is that he provides clear direction to get measurable results. Sometimes we know what needs to be done but having a system to help us keep things in focus makes all the difference.

Christoff Weihman
President of National Customer Service Association

Casie Garrett

Kenny has changed my life by providing me new insights into my business. I’m grateful for the information and resources he shared with me. The strategies I gained have made a huge impact in my business and also in my client’s businesses. I highly recommend Kenny and the Rock My Image team for businesses aiming to take their game to a new level.

Casie Garrett
Marketing Agency Owner

My session with Kenny was powerful. I am a professional sales trainer and I still gained a lot from this session and learned how I’m leaving a lot of money on this table. I decided to take action and not just listen to these ideas but to implement them and let me tell you, they really do work! Do yourself a favor and take advantage of Kenny’s opportunity.

Bob Zinsser
Professional Sales Trainer