Set the Stage – Preparing to Develop Your Brand

Set the stage- preparing to develop your brand

Before any great show can be performed, one must Set the Stage. One simply can’t just achieve greatness without effort. One does not become a great leader or influencer overnight. It takes time to accomplish things that are worth while.

When Setting the Stage in regards to developing your personal brand there are a few things you need to address prior to developing your brand to ensure you’ll be setting yourself up for success. If you’re not sure why you’d want to develop your personal brand, be sure to check back for my upcoming blog post highlighting the benefits of a personal brand.

Through my career I’ve helped design and develop many websites and marketing campaigns for a variety of companies. I’ve always aimed to keep a professional image but early on, I didn’t fully understand the value of developing my own brand. As I’ve discovered my BOLD Vision for my life, I’ve come to understand now more than ever the importance of developing my BOLD Brand and owning it. I have decided to become a positive warrior aimed at inspiring and empowering others to rise above the line and lead others to a better path in life.

Setting the Stage

1. Define Your BOLD Vision

The first place you should start in your journey to become a rockstar professional is in your mind by defining a BOLD Vision. Before you can live your dream, you must have a dream defined. Be BOLD, be brave, be yourself.

» Be sure to check back for our upcoming blog “5 Tips for Creating a BOLD Vision“.

2. Find Your Bench Mark

Once you have a BOLD Vision, you should seek others who have achieved similar accomplishments and study their rise to success. Your objective will be to uncover the challenges they encountered and what solutions they found to reach their destination. Everybody’s path is different but we can learn from others who have walked before us.

» Be sure to check back for our upcoming blog “Find Your Guiding Stars, Benchmarks, Mentors“.

3. Identify Your Audience

When you aim to be a rockstar professional, you will need to define who your audience is.; who the people are that you aim to accommodate. All professionals have an audience; define who your audience is to ensure you’re communicating with them effectively.

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4. Ignite Your Creativity

The last step before beginning to develop your personal brand is to ignite the creative genius inside of you. We all have creativity in us that can be strengthened with focus and practice. Rockstar professionals may emulate, but they don’t copy directly. Utilize your creativity to develop a personal brand that is as unique as you are.

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5. Assess the 5 Points of Your Personal Brand

The five points of your personal brand consist of your Values, Style, Tools, Message and Marketing. Each element of your brand represents an aspect of who you are. Be sure you know where your strengths and weaknesses are and focus on refining your brand to be the best it can be.

Those are the first five steps in Setting the Stage prior to diving in to developing your personal brand.

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What other items do you find helpful to define when Setting the Stage?

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