Get Your Marketing Message Noticed and Remembered with Lumpy Direct Mail

Get Your Marketing Message Noticed and Remembered with Lumpy Direct Mail

By reading this page, you will gain a strategy that if you start using you’ll start being able to get more attention especially if you have a very focused niche audience which by the way is one of the best ways to market.

Sending a generalized message to a lot of different people it’s really hard to cut through the clutter.

Unless you’re selling something that’s a commodity to a lot of consumers you may want to pick a different and more strategic method.

Unusual Communication Gets Unusual Response

In this example, I’m talking about sending unusual communication or direct mail. See in recent years all the attention has gone into social media so people are blowing up news feeds.

Direct Mail is an effective way to get noticed and gain results when marketing to a saturated audience.

In fact without putting an advertising spend to your social media most people don’t even see that it’s going on and even if they do they only see it for a split second.

Even if they like it chances of them remembering it are very slim.

Creative Direct Response Can Have Great ROI

So here’s a strategy to get attention now this is about sending unusual mail or lumpy mail or something creative through the mail and sending it actually to somebody. One maybe say, “uhh… that’s kind of expensive?”.

Well if you are trying to get at the attention of someone who is busy and they’re getting flooded with a lot of different content, then this may be the way to go.

Example of a Direct Mail Strategy for Targeting Attorneys

I’ll give you an example. There was a sales coach we worked with and he used a green bag, not just any bag as a bank bag, and he sent that to attorneys he was trying to connect with he got at least 25% of those attorneys to call him back.

He got past the gatekeepers that of the attorneys and he is actually able to earn six figures from that campaign simply by being strategic, going after the right people and being able to get his message in the hands of his prospect.

How I used a Lumpy Mail Strategy to Gain Speaking Engagements

Now I’ve used the strategy myself, I was looking to book myself for a speaking engagement in another city and rather than just trying to email, I actually sent a copy of a book where I had the opportunity to share my story.

Do you think my chances of getting speaking engagements increased when I was able to send a book sharing my story in it with other successful entrepreneurs?

Yes! It did the strategy worked.

How Can You Utilize Creative Mail For Gaining Customers?

So think about that. Now again, you want to be thinking about opportunities using this strategy when you know your target and when you really can calculate successful return on investment.

But if you have good high valued sale and you’re looking to gain the attention of someone who is hard to get their attention of, try sending unusual mail, unusual messages, lumpy mail, direct mail and really being creative with it.

You’ll have a lot of fun, you’re gonna stand out and you’re gonna get much more attention.

What Is a Lumpy Mail Strategy for Your Audience?

Send me an example of an lumpy mail strategy you’ve used and I may highlight it as a case study on my web show.