Get More Engagement From Your Marketing Message

Get more engagement from your marketing messages.

Hey there Amplifiers!

In this session I’m going to share a strategy that’s a lot of fun and helps produce a lot of results. If you’re just putting out a message, say a blog or newsletter or some social media and it’s just very generic eventually people are gonna tune out. They’re gonna lose interest. We have to do something that’s entertaining, it shows a little bit of your personality.

It makes it a little bit of fun so sometimes it’s good to just break out and… just be a little bit different. Right? Professionals can have
personalities. Some of the most successful professionals have just astounding personalities. Why not have a little fun when you’re creating content?

Now let’s do a little exercise.

Take a quick moment and think about a dessert.

Think about a dessert that you had that was just really memorable.

Something that was just like “Wow! That was really delicious.”

It doesn’t have to be your favorite, just think of one.

All right.

Are you thinking about vanilla ice cream?

Maybe now that I said it, right?

But chances are you weren’t thinking vanilla ice cream when I had you think of a memorable dessert because vanilla isn’t very memorable!

We want to be doing something that is memorable that sharing your personality letting people know a little bit about who you are and about your values and your character so people can be attracted to you. It also makes the content more interesting and engaging and memorable. To serve more people and engage with them put in that personality.

Now for some professions that aren’t very interesting, you’ve really got to work at it. But you can do this too! This can work for any industry. You can have fun with it and just put your personality in your content.

And here’s a little secret, you don’t need to be fake, you just need to be real and it’s okay to be yourself.

Adding your personality to your content is one of the most powerful strategies, it’s a lot of fun and you can see it working right now.

Take something from the celebrities, take something from the entertainers and put your personality in your message.

What Do You Do to Make Your Newsletters Engaging?

Send me an example of an engaging newsletter and I may highlight it as a case study on my web show.