Finding Your Brand Voice- How To Communicate To Your Audience

By August 29, 2017Personal Branding
Finding Your Brand Voice-How to Communicate to Your Audience

Brand Voice as a Form of Communication

Your brand voice is how you’re going to communicate the style that you portray of yourself when it comes to messaging. When people are reading your content or they’re listening to you on video, how do you communicate? You may know me as somebody that puts up his hands and says,

“Rock on I’m a rock star professional!”

Personally I like to play music, i’ve been in bands, that’s kind of who I am. It’s not really me to go too far down that rabbit hole and say,

“Dude! What’s up man, I’m the rock star rock on!”

That’s not really me. That would be being fake and trying to play to some sort of fictitious rockstar image; I’m being authentic, I’m being original, this is who I am. To some people it may be a bit much to throw up a rock sign in company pictures, for others they may say,

“Hey that guy is kind of cool he likes to do interesting things, I dig his frequency!”

Honestly those are the type of people i’m looking to connect with anyway. So when it comes to your brand voice what are you going to be? You have options:

  • Playful? Fun? Interesting? Entertaining?
  • Serious? Corporate? Straight? Matter of fact?

Here is What’s Trending Regarding Brand Voice

Keep in mind right now there’s a revolution happening in the way people are reacting to brands. You see a lot more bigger and larger brands as well as smaller and more elite influencers that are communicating by going out and being off-the-wall crazy. And that’s fine, it’s okay to be crazy, it’s okay to be off the wall but you should be consistent and you should have purpose for why that is your strategy.

For Example

You’ll see insurance companies for example, putting out really interesting commercials. Why are they doing that are they losing credibility? Not necessarily, people don’t always like to hear boring insurance commercials but people do like to be entertained, they like to laugh and think about things that are interesting.

When you’re establishing your messaging and trying to build a relationship with people, you don’t want to come across so boring and so droll that no one ever wants to tune in and listen to what you have to say. You at least want to have some sort of personality and to use creativity. You want something that’s whimsical, playful or bold if you really want to gain someone’s attention.

The Common Theme Making Celebrities & Business Entrepreneurs Memorable

Think about this for a second, a lot of professional rock star legends, celebrities, sports celebrities, champions of different backgrounds, business entrepreneurs, celebre-preneurs; they do something that makes them interesting and that elevates their status, making them memorable. The best ones are memorable because they let their personality and inner character shine through. They are just themselves but they do it by putting themselves out there and letting the world know their personality. They let people know a little bit more about who they are and how they interact with others. That’s what i’m aiming for you to do.

Take Action

When you’re trying to decide your voice and how you’re going to communicate, you want to do it consistently and to be clear. You don’t want to be so crazy and out there that people are thrown off and don’t understand who you are because you’re being fake but you do want to let that inner personality, brilliance and creativity shine through. You have it in you, it’s who you are so let it shine. Be the rock star professional, claim your stage and make it happen!


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