Email Marketing Amplifies Your Personal Branding

Email marketing to amplify your personal brand

Discover the power of emails and the benefits of taking your email marketing to the next level. Learn how to easily send different emails according to your audience’s individual personality personas and evaluate your organization’s current email marketing effectiveness by asking yourself these 6 questions.

Emails. They can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there and you have a lot of people vouching for them. Now while social media may be flashy, interesting and get a lot of buzz, and some social media influencers get a lot of attention, email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can get in front of people.

Email is where people go to work

Social media is where people go to avoid work

Most of the time email goes directly to your audience’s inbox but you can use some different marketing strategies to simplify your emails allowing you to increase the chance of them going to your subscriber’s priority inbox.

With social media unless people are on the channel or looking right then, they may miss your post and your message is a blip and a notion. It should still be part of your marketing arsenal but remember email marketing is even more powerful. When you take your messaging a step further you can be sure of the fact that your email list will grow if you connect with people. When people opt-in for information from your website or information from your social media channels, you are able to put them into your list and segment your list into separate interests, demographics, and psychographics. From there you are able send out different messaging that will be directly in response to that particular person.

Let’s get automated

With automated marketing you can use behavioral marketing which is really cool! This means you can send emails to people depending on which actions they take. So when people visit your website, or certain pages on your website, if they haven’t visited your website in a while, when they fill out certain forms or maybe they do a combination of different things; you can send out specified emails or even a series of emails that effectively communicate your message to the individual according to the personality persona that they have. That’s why emails can be so powerful. Most people don’t know how to fully leverage them and their total potential. As rock star professionals we ensure that we invest in our own knowledge and expertise in order to play every ace and really be effective when it comes to marketing.

Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Email Marketing

  1. Where are you at with your emails?
  2. Do you have list?
  3. Is it segmented?
  4. Are you using it?
  5. Are you getting results?
  6. Are you doing behavioral marketing?

Take Action

If you’re not doing everything it’s time to assess what you are doing. If you’re not playing every ace you could be doing something more. By becoming more efficient with your marketing you can get better results through time.


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