Tips for Effective Goal Setting & Planning

By October 1, 2015Leadership
Tips for effective goal setting and planning

Successful people focus on what they want to achieve. They are commonly optimistic and have an abundance mindset.

There are no secrets to success. Success is a product of one’s ability and commitment to achieving their goals. The same can be said for the success of a team.

Leaders must develop abilities to set clear goals and plan how to achieve them. If one cannot identify and communicate clear goals, one will have difficult time leading a team to success.


  • A Dream is an idea or fantasy that one may have.
  • A Goal is a specific objective you are looking to achieve that has a time component to it.
  • A Plan or Strategy is the blueprint for achieving these goals.

Characteristics of SMART Goals:

A SMART Goal has several characteristics.

  • Specific. It clearly states what must happen.
  • Measurable. The progress can be measured through time.
  • Achievable. It is something that can actually be achieved and is realistic.
  • Results Oriented. Understand what you are looking to achieve by completing the goal. What is the reason Why?
  • Time-bounded. It contains a timetable for achievement.

Example Goal: I want to loose weight.

Is it SMART? It may be a good idea if your overweight but it is not a SMART goal because it doesn’t fit the requirements.

SMART Version of the Goal: I want to loose 10 pounds in the next thirty days so I can fit back into my regular jeans.

Now you’re set up for better success.

Implementing Goals with a Team:

It is helpful to involve team members in setting goals. People increase commitment to goals when they are involved in setting them. They develop a sense of ownership and will take responsibility for results since they have a personal stake in them. The team members may also be able to provide additional insights to obstacles that may cause challenges or ideas that could help to ensure achievement of the goals.

Key Steps to Goal Setting & Planning:

  • Review the Vision or Bigger Picture
  • Discuss the ideas for Goals
  • Define clear SMART Goals
  • Track the Results
  • Review Progress & Actions needed to Complete

What challenges or successes have you had leading a team?

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