Dream Big, Act Bold – Build an Empire

Dream Big, Act Bold, Build and Empire
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Build an Empire, Not a Dog House

Your Bold Vision is so important. Once you know what you’re aiming to achieve you can dedicate your actions and full attention to achieving it. When defining your BOLD Vision, don’t worry about what you know is possible and easily achieved, define a Bold Vision that you want for your life.

When determining your BOLD Vision of what you’re aiming to build you can ask yourself the following questions. How much money are you going to make? What’s your perfect day like? Who are you gonna work with? What value are you gonna provide I’m gonna do traveling what relationships? Do you have everything that you would like your life to be? What sort of health state are you in? What sort of spiritual practices do you get involved in? What relationships do you nurture? Did you spend time with family? Do you spend time with friends? Do you do extracurricular activities? Are you engaged in sports? What is it that you? Have a plan for your BOLD Vision. Write it out so that it is clear.

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One idea I’ve liked to share when speaking to audiences or coaching clients is the example of building a skyscraper. Imagine if you were asked to build a skyscraper. How would you go about doing that? I know mesmerized by skyscrapers as they’re quite mind-blowing to look at. They’re huge, they have electricity, plumbing, people coming in and out they stand up through weather. I have no clue how to build a skyscraper but I know that if I really was tasked to build one there is a right way and there’s a wrong way to go about it.

One thought of approach might be to start small and then build it up through time.  Someone may think, I don’t know how to build skyscraper so let me start by building a doghouse. I will start by building a doghouse then I can build something a little bit bigger like build a shed, then after the shed I can build a regular house, then after the house maybe I can build a two-story house, then an apartment, then a condo, then a large building and finally a skyscraper.

That could be a way of going about doing it but would it be the best way? Let me ask you this question, how many dog houses do you have to build before you really can start working on building a skyscraper?

The answer is zero. You don’t need to build dog house to build a skyscraper. A lot of the skills are completely different.

The point is if you want build a skyscraper, you should start with that in mind. Then start taking the actions needed to build a skyscraper.

If you don’t know how to build a skyscraper then you can consult with people that have that experience and background giving you the steps to take in the right order and the challenges to avoid.

This way you can save time, save energy and do it more efficiently. You can also hire people with the knowledge and expertise to do certain parts of the execution. You don’t need to do everything yourself.

This is the same in business. You need to start with the end in mind. In fact Begin with the End in Mind is one of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. When we’re talking about Bold Vision that’s what we’re looking to do. We’re looking to begin with the end of mind. We want it to be BOLD. We want it to be that skyscraper. It may be and seem impossible. You may think “I have no idea how to build a skyscraper and I’m not even going to attempt to do that” and that’s the challenge. That’s what we need to overcome.

When I first started as a business owner or entrepreneur I had pretty much no vision. I didn’t even know if I would be able to succeed as a freelancer. To me I knew how to get a job but I had no idea what I was going to grow or what I was aiming to build and so I took the long path of discovery. If I wanted to build a skyscraper, I should start off with the skyscraper in mind. We don’t need to waist time build dog houses so the purpose of this is to make sure that you’re thinking big for you and your life. About what you want your life to include. Because the business should be a tool you use to create the life you want. Focus on what you want your life to be first and then build the business that fits with you and matches your lifestyle. It is important to define these things because what we’re going to be doing with Amplify Your Business is, we’re gonna be focusing on the strategies, tactics, resources, insights and actionable steps that you can take to achieve your Bold Vision.

Start by defining what it is you aim to build.

Start by Defining Your Bold Vision.

Dream Big, Act Bold, Build an Empire.

Action Step: Take a sheet of paper write out your Bold Vision with clarity.

What Are You Currently Working on Building?