Defining A Message For Your Personal Brand

Defining a message for your personal brand

Your Brand Message Differs From Your Brand Voice

Your brand message is really important. While your voice is going to be how you’re saying what you’re saying, your message is essentially the ideas and essence of what is in your mind, and your beliefs and values that you want to portray to other people. Ultimately you want to share what’s in your mind, convey it with passion and let it resonate with others.

By doing this consistently you’re going to attract people that share those similar likes and beliefs, it’s the law of attraction coming into play. BUT you need to know clearly what your message is and communicate it with conviction.

My Brand Message As An Example

If you tune into my frequency you know my message, I believe that everyone has unique gifts. I feel that if everyone follows their true passions they’re going to be better off than if they’re just going through the motions. I also believe that rather than focusing on getting as much as you can for yourself, you should aim to serve a higher purpose. You should aim to provide value for more people. When you give to and serve more people, you’ll naturally attract more opportunities yourself, that’s how it works.

So for people who want to thrive in life, I encourage you to use your unique gifts, follow your true passion and serve a higher purpose. Regarding the professionals with the attitude, the expertise and the drive who really want to prosper in life and be seen as the experts in their industry; I want to connect with them because that’s what I do. I help people become rock star professionals in their industry.

My Strengths Corresponding to My Message

I have a lot of background and insights as well as the spirit and guidance that can help people make better decisions, to have a bolder vision and achieve better results. I always tell people that right now you’re in the performance of your lifetime it’s called YOUR LIFE! Go all-in! Claim your stage in life and make it count. That is the message I want to communicate.

Take Action

Determine the message that you aim to share. Personally I want to inspire people who have an abundant mindset, want to achieve big things and who want to be thought leaders all while serving others. What do you desire to share with people, what’s your brand message?


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