Critical Step Of Personal Branding- Defining Bold Vision

critical step of personal branding - defining a bold vision

Elevate Your Personal Brand By Dreaming Big & Defining Your Bold Vision

The first important step to elevate your personal brand allowing you to step into your greatness is to really identify and define YOUR BOLD VISION. They say whatever you dream you can conceive and that you really need to dream big and reach for the stars. Well that’s true in life, in your personal brand and in the business world; it’s true for just about everything. If you want to achieve greatness you’ve gotta dream big and you’ve got to take bold action.

That’s what having a bold vision is all about. A lot of people in business or even in the influencer space look to see what others are doing and they fall low-suit. However just because other people are doing something doesn’t mean that you need to. It may not fit your goals, your desires or your personality. What I recommend is to begin by defining your bold vision, what do you want your life to be like? Really understand and have clarity of what that is.

 4 Areas That Need To Be Clear:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you’re about
  3. The purpose you serve
  4. The bold vision of what you’re trying to achieve

When these are determined with clarity then every action that you take in your business or in defining your personal brand can work towards achieving your bold vision. If it’s not working towards your vision then it may be working against it and that’s not what we want.

8 Questions To Ask Yourself When Defining Your Bold Vision:

  1. What is the bold vision of what you’re trying to create?
  2. How do you want to be perceived?
  3. What are your skills?
  4. What are your talents?
  5. What do you like, what don’t you like?
  6. How much money are you looking to make?
  7. What service are you aiming to provide?
  8. How will you provide value to people?

Identifying these things is IMPORTANT and CRITICAL if you really want to produce whatever it is you’re trying to build.

Take Action

Start with identifying what your bold vision is and what are you trying to achieve, and make sure to DREAM BIG! If you want to achieve greatness, to achieve things that are massive and be the rock star professional in YOUR industry you need to think big.

The Determining Factor: What All Icons Have In Common

All of the successful rock stars, athletes, and celebrities didn’t get to being who they are just by waking up and becoming the celebrity entity in which you think of them. They were born a person like everyone else but these people had a dream. They had a vision, communicated it and found people to help bring that vision to life. Any icon in the world didn’t become an icon by themselves. It took a team of people to make it happen and to believe in the vision of what they were trying to create. So start defining your bold vision today and begin claiming your stage as a rock star professional in life!


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