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tip to elevate your personal brand- define your benchmarks

Tip To Elevate Your Personal Brand- Define Your Benchmarks

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Defining a brand benchmark is very important. First off what is a benchmark? A benchmark is something that you can look up to and measure yourself against. You want to see what people are doing that is excellent, great and is achieving results. When you model success you can become successful and that’s what most people are striving to achieve. It’s not money that we ultimately want, money can buy freedom but money can’t buy happiness.

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critical step of personal branding - defining a bold vision

Critical Step Of Personal Branding- Defining Bold Vision

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The first important step to elevate your personal brand allowing you to step into your greatness is to really identify and define YOUR BOLD VISION. They say whatever you dream you can conceive and that you really need to dream big and reach for the stars. Well that’s true in life, in your personal brand and in the business world; it’s true for just about everything. If you want to achieve greatness you’ve gotta dream big and you’ve got to take bold action.

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Defining a message for your personal brand

Defining A Message For Your Personal Brand

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Your brand message is really important. While your voice is going to be how you’re saying what you’re saying, your message is essentially the ideas and essence of what is in your mind, and your beliefs and values that you want to portray to other people. Ultimately you want to share what’s in your mind, convey it with passion and let it resonate with others.

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The importance of style and image in personal branding

Style & Image Are Important In Personal Branding

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The importance of brand style. Your brand style can communicate a lot. It can communicate the style that you have on your collateral or your tools such as: your website, newsletter and social media accounts as well as the different promotional items that you hand out. It can also be the style that you have yourself, the style that you have portraying who you are, what you do, and the purpose you serve.

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Kenny Harper Coaching & Consulting Clients

Top 10 Personal Branding Strategies for Realtors

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Realtors, Gain personal branding strategies to elevate your business and stick out from the sea of competition. Have you ever thought about why twenty percent of realtors dominate the market accumulating riches and eighty percent of realtors earn just enough money to get by? Would you like to be one of the top twenty percent?

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Authority Marketing Strategies for Public Relations

Authority Marketing Strategies for Public Relations

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Rockstar professionals earn celebrity status and one of the most effective ways to do this is to leverage public relations. Public relations is the key to getting exposure and being positioned as an authority in your industry. When someone looks at you and your competitors and you are featured in magazines, press releases or interviews and they aren’t who will look more credible? You! Because you have claimed your stage and are the rockstar professional. Below are 8 tips for leveraging PR to build your brand and elevate your status.

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Top 8 marketing strategies for lead generation

Top 8 Authority Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

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Rockstar Professionals leverage authority marketing and understand the importance of acquiring leads. You need leads to nurture into potential customers so you can serve them and grow your business. In order to generate leads, you need a strategy. Below are 8 strategies you can use to generate leads into your business. As an authority you should get use to being an author. The lead generation ideas stem from thought leadership. Kind of funny when you think about it. Leadership generates leads.

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9 Steps to Writing a Money Making Book

Nine Steps to Write a Money Making Book

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For entrepreneurs looking to differentiate themselves, you may want to consider writing a book. Writing a book can elevate you and position you as an authority in your industry. Even though there are quite a few books out there already, a majority of people don’t write books or leverage them properly. Below are nine steps you can take to create a money making book.

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Podcast for entrepreneurial success

Podcast for Entrepreneurial Success

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Positive Fix is my Podcast for empowering entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive in life by leveraging their unique gifts, following their passion and serving a higher purpose.

The podcast aims to feature inspiration and insights with actions and clear direction in each session.

Listen On Sound Cloud »

Guests are requested to contribute a key insight or strategy and an actionable item to implement in one of the following areas:

  • Mindset / Mind Power (for entrepreneurs)
  • Personal Branding
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business Growth
  • Entrepreneurship

Typical sessions may last 10 – 15 minutes and flow as follows:

  • Introduction of Guest
  • Introduction of Topic / Objective
  • Presentation of Topic
  • General Discussion About Topic / Questions
  • Call to Action
  • Sign Off

Sessions may be recorded via audio, video and may be re-purposed in various media including blog posts, pdf downloads or mini-books.

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The ultimate blueprint for marketing and sales success

The Ultimate Blueprint for Marketing and Sales Success

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My partners and I at Rock My Image have spent the past several years developing a system that we could turn into a game changer product by empowering entrepreneurs to thrive in life using their unique gifts, following their passion and serving a bigger purpose. Following this system we’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients and now we are unleashing this system for aspiring rockstar professionals.

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5 key tips to rapidly amplify your business success

5 Key Tips to Rapidly Amplify Your Success

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Each year many people start the new year with aspirations of goals they look to accomplish in the upcoming year however in many cases the year goes by and many goals are not accomplished and little has changed. People continually attempt to set New Year’s Resolutions but constantly fail to succeed? So how can we increase our chances for success?

This post is for professionals with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive in life. Of course there are many more than 5 techniques to increase your chances of success in the new year but I’m giving you my top five.

My partners and I at Rock My Image like to call these five strategies, Getting In Tune. We outlined them in our book Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success. You can score a copy of our book on Amazon.com OR you can also tune in to the Audio Book on SoundCloud.

We’ve come to understand that most people don’t fail because lack of effort they fail because they didn’t get in tune with the end in mind first. Beginning with the end-in-mind is one of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. – Steven Covey

5 Steps for Getting In Tune & Amplifying Your New Year

I. Define Your Clear Objective:

Define the ultimate end result you seek to obtain. While this may seem painfully obvious, it is commonly overlooked and many people set goals that don’t actually contribute to what they really want.

Example: You may set a goal that you want to run a marathon, but you may really just want to get in shape. If you don’t truly have the desire to run a marathon then you probably won’t take the efforts to make it happen and may not achieve what was really important to you. In this instance you should create a different goal that better targets your clear objective.

II. Set Your BOLD Vision:

Set a vision for the midterm or long-term future that identifies what you want to achieve or accomplish and paints the picture in full detail.

Example: You may want to generate more money in the new year. Well how much money are you looking to earn? What do you plan to do with the money? What will you buy? What will you invest in? How will that make you feel? The better you can picture what you are aiming to achieve the better your chances are to achieving it. By envisioning your goals in detail you can evoke the law of attraction and measure the future actions you plan to take to ensure they are helping you move towards achieving your vision.

“Freedom Lies in Being BOLD!” – Robert Frost

III. Establish Your Inspired Mission:

When you have a large goal you’d like to accomplish it becomes imperative to identify the pathways to succeed in reaching that goal. By establishing your mission you are outlining the actions and efforts that you will commit to in order to achieve your goal.

Example: If you find you are too stressed out and not getting to enjoy your time, you would identify the actions and efforts you will commit to in order to make the needed changes. Efforts in your mission may be committing to listening to a podcast with regular strategies that may help save you time, investing in business systems that could empower you to save time or making meditation a regular ritual for yourself. While these efforts may take some time, if you want to achieve different results you must be willing to try and commit to new techniques.

IV. Understanding Reasoned Motivation:

Tapping into the energy that drives you forward is a must. Successful people are driven by having a greater understanding of their purpose and the bigger picture behind what they do. Taking the time to build value and drive for the big goals you seek to accomplish is vital for success.

Example: You create a goal to to spend more time with your family or travel. Having the general desire to do that is one thing but thinking about how that would make you feel, how that would make your significant other feel, how that would make your kids feel and how that would add true value in your life makes it much more powerful. Understand what your driver is and amplify it to get more power from it and you will greatly increase your chances of success.

V. Create an Action Plan:

Your action plan is the steps and actions that you will take, prioritized in a timeline complete with milestones, rewards, and consequences for completing your goals. For those who aim to succeed you need a plan. Think of anybody who has ever achieved anything substantial, they had a plan to make it happen. When you set a plan and execute it you’re on the fast track to success. Even if your plan doesn’t work as intended, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and can then take corrective actions to reach the goal.

So there you have it. 5 Steps to Rapidly Amplify Your New Year!

BONUS TIP: Take the initial actions right now to put these five steps into action!


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What goals are you planning to achieve in the new year?

Developing an inspired mission

Developing an Inspired Mission to Ignite Drive and Momentum

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Ignite Action by Shining an Inspired Mission

In a recent post I wrote about developing a BOLD Vision, the bigger picture of what you are aiming to achieve with your business with clarity and power. Once you’ve defined your vision you can define your Inspired Mission. In my book Amplify Your Business, I discussed the importance and benefits of defining a mission to ignite drive and action in yourself, your team, your prospects and your community.

What is an Inspired Mission?

Your mission statement should guide the actions of your company, spell out its overall goal, provide a clear path, and facilitate smart business decisions. The mission provides the framework or context within which the company’s strategies are formulated. It signals what your business is all about to your customers, employees, suppliers, and the community. A mission statement is a tool that can be as important as your business plan.

An Inspired Mission takes the mission statement one step forward. Some companies breeze by the mission statement and write out a general mission statement to check it off the things to do list, however they are missing the full impact of what a mission statement can do. An inspired mission should inspire your leadership, your team, your clients and yourself. If it is lukewarm, that won’t provide much power. Take the time to write a mission statement that is aimed to inspire.

Examples of Inspired Mission Statements:

Patagonia’s Mission Statement

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

American Express

To be the world’s most respected service brand. To do this, we have established a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional service to our customers.

Cradles to Crayons

Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth through age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with the essential items they need to thrive – at home, at school and at play. We supply these items free of charge by engaging and connecting communities that have with communities that need.

Universal Health Services, Inc.

To provide superior quality healthcare services that: patients recommend to family and friends, physicians prefer for their parents, purchasers select for their clients, employees are proud of and investors seek for long-term returns.

Rock My Image

To inspire and empower one hundred thousand business owners to thrive in life as Rockstar Professionals using their unique gifts, following their true passion and serving a higher purpose.

These examples illustrate some different ways to tackle a mission statement but they all clearly provide some direction on what the intended purpose is of the organization and how the organization aims to achieve it.

How to Develop an Inspired Mission:

To develop an inspired mission you should look back to your vision statement and reflect on the bigger picture of what you are aiming to accomplish then think of how your organization aims to make this happen.

Here’s another simple example of a vision and mission for a nonprofit organization that helps the under served. The nonprofit’s bold vision may be “A world without poverty.” That is the bigger picture of what they are trying to serve. Their inspired mission, consequently, may be “Providing jobs for the homeless and unemployed.” This is how they go about accomplishing the bigger vision. Now it would be recommended to add a bit more verbiage to make the mission statement a bit more inspirational and once you’ve developed it, share it with the world. Let the world now who you are and what your about.

What is your Inspired Mission?

Defining your clear objective

Tips for Business Success – Defining Your Clear Objective

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When Entrepreneurs set out to start a business, they set out to succeed and are looking to achieve business success. Unfortunately many business owners don’t always get what they truly desire in their lives even if their business succeeds. Why? Because they did not define their Clear Objective.

What Is a Clear Objective?

In my book, Amplify Your Business, I introduced a term Clear Objective which defines the main accomplishment you’re trying to achieve or the end goal. It is the ultimate intention you want to achieve by building a business.

Why Does a Clear Objective Matter to Me & My Business?

It main seem silly but I’ve seen it time and time again, the stressed, burnt out business owner that has a running business but is not happy for one reason or another after years slaving to their business. It’s the doctor that has a thriving practice but is so stressed out that he has health problems, the family law attorney with a successful firm that ends up getting a divorce because they didn’t make time for their family, and it’s the financial planner that realizes they saved a lot of money but didn’t enjoy many experiences during the best years of their life while they had the health and opportunity. Don’t let this happen to you. Define your Clear Objective, include it in your plans and continue to check if you are on track to achieving it as your business progresses.

Questions to Ask When defining a Clear Objective.

  • Do you plan build up and sell the business as quick as possible?
  • Do you plan to hold on the business until you retire then sell?
  • Do you plan to pass the business on?
  • Do you desire more freedom with your time?
  • Do you desire to travel often?
  • Do you desire to oversee and manage a team, finances, operations or are you looking for less responsibilities?
  • Are you looking for a steady safe income or are you willing to take big risks for big rewards?
  • If you could wave a magic wand, what would you get out of starting a business?
  • Do you aim to own a lot of material possessions? If so what are they?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What does your daily life look like?
  • Will you have a significant other in your life? How will they support your business?
  • Do you plan to have children? How will you fit in your responsibilities as a parent?
  • What does work, life, and balance look for you?

What is Your Clear Objective?

Business objectives are the results you hope to achieve and maintain as you run and grow your business. Such objectives may involve profitability, production, and growth. However, before you can begin to define detailed business objectives, you need to know your main objective, what we call your clear objective.

Ultimately, your clear objective should answer this question: What are you trying to achieve and why are you trying to achieve it? Take a moment to record your initial response to this vital question, trying to do so in 25 words or less.

Defined Your Clear Objective? What Is It? Are You On Track to Achieving It?

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Top ways to benefit from public speaking

Top Ways to Benefit from Public Speaking

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Top Ways to Benefit from Public Speaking

Speaking can offer value to you, your business and the people you serve. Public peaking is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to share ideas, inspire and influence others. There are many ways to benefit from public speaking including:

Overcoming Your Fears

Many people fear speaking and the best way to defeat a fear is to face it.

Building Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Public speaking develops personal growth which in turn produces greater confidence and higher self esteem.

Improve Critical Thinking Skills

When you take the time to research, write and refine your speech you are sharpening your critical thinking skills.

Improve Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important skills you can develop in your life. It effects your relationships, your business and any encounters you make in life. By practicing your speaking skills and reflecting to improve, you can improve your communication skills which can have a great impact on many areas in your life.

Connect With More People

Public speaking engagements are a great place to meet more people. When you are a better communicator you will also have the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level.

Gain Publicity

Public speaking will get your message in front of more people gaining you and your message attention while showcasing thought leadership.

Develop Authority

Depending on who you speak to, where you speak and what you talk about you can increase your authority in your industry. Aim to practice your message then aim to speak to people in esteemed places sharing your expertise in a field of knowledge. Being the expert speaker in front of a professional audience is an excellent way to raise your authority.

Enhance Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand should reflect who you are, what you are about and the purpose you serve. Communicating your ideas in front of people in an authentic manner can enhance your brand and build deeper connections with your audience.

Influence the World Around You

Public speaking is a powerful way to unite people under a common cause and motivate them to take action. The most influential people in history spoke to others to share their ideas.

What are you doing to improve your Public Speaking skills?

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claim my stage personal branding and authority marketing workshop

Claim My Stage – Personal Branding & Authority Marketing Workshop

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What is Claim My Stage?

Claim My Stage is a signature Personal Branding & Authority Marketing Workshop developed by Rock My Image for entrepreneurs and rockstar professionals looking to build their personal brand as an industry expert, leverage their expertise into workshops or online classes, and/or share their knowledge as a speaker and/or author.

Claim My Stage is a fun, interactive and lively event to inspire & motivate you to claim your stage as a Rockstar Professional (RP)!

Attendees leave armed with the insight and tools they need to elevate their status as an industry expert and dominate their competition at marketing.

Why Claim My Stage?

My partners at Rock My Image and I believe that people should claim their stage in life. We believe people should aim to live the life they truly desire. In this modern world if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you will have an advantage if you develop a strong personal brand that resonates your who you are, what you do and the goals you aim to achieve.

The Claim My Stage workshop highlights clear strategies towards improving your personal brand and actions to take to define and live a BOLD Vision.

Claim My Stage Workshop Reviews:

“You totally rocked the workshop yesterday. I was blown away! I learned so much and implemented so many new ideas.” – Marcia K.

“I am crystal clear about my “why”. I have been “blocked” with all of these things for months and now they just came out. How is that for a productive day? You really helped me. Thank you so much. Cheers!” – Debra D.

“Powerful presentation!” – Doug W.

Interested in Personal Branding or Authority Marketing and looking for more info?

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Why investing beats saving for entrepreneurs

Why Investing Beats Saving for Entrepreneurs

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Investing Beats Saving when it comes to Entrepreneurship

First I will put out the disclaimer that you may actually need to save money to keep in operations. I am not advocating that you never save. However I am advocating that you should invest in yourself and opportunities that will increase your earning potential. Entrepreneurs must take risks in order to grow. The bigger the risk, the bigger the opportunity for growth. While there is the opportunity to lose or fail, that is ok. Successful entrepreneurs fail on their journey to success. It is through their trials and errors that they learn and through their persistence that they eventually succeed.

As Wayne Gretzky once said,

“You will miss every shot you don’t take.” So don’t sit on the sidelines and watch potential opportunities go by. Be brave, be bold and take action.” – Wayne Gretsky

Below are some examples of why investing beats saving when it comes to entrepreneurship.

1) Student & the ROI of College

A student elects not to go to college because they don’t want to acquire student loans of over $50K. In the short term they avoid going into temporary debt. They end up working a job at $40K per year while their friend who did get a loan to go to college ends up earning $60K per year. After three years the friend has paid off the loan and is making an extra $20K per month for the rest of their working years.

2) Entrepreneur & Advanced Education

In another example an entrepreneur is interested in going to an annual conference but the conference costs $3K so the entrepreneur decides to save the money for now and will go at another time when they have more money. After missing five of the annual conferences the entrepreneur finally saved enough to attend the event. The information gained in the conference provided information that the entrepreneur leveraged to increase her earning potential and after six months she is earning an extra $2K per month. By not investing in gaining this knowledge five years earlier she missed the opportunity to earn approximately $100K extra revenue.

3) Business & Marketing

In our final example we have a business who is struggling a bit because they don’t have any customers. They need to acquire customers but they don’t want to spend money to professionally market their business. After three years of struggling they are burnt out and no longer able to keep their business in operation. Had they invested in marketing their business they could have acquired customers and earned the business to pay off the investment and grow their business.

Isn’t investing risky?

What if you invest and the investments doesn’t provide a positive return? Then you will have learned something. Successful entrepreneurs invest in opportunities all of the time and they don’t always provide a positive return. Sometimes it is a loss. But they continue to invest and learn from each loss. Investing and learning from the process will provide results in the long run.

Here are three questions to consider if you’re deciding to invest in an opportunity or not:

  1. Does the investment increase your earning potential?
    If you are investing in earning potential, the sooner you do it the sooner you can begin to increase your earning.
  2. Does the investment provide value long term or only a one time deal?
    If the investment will only provide a short term value, it may be valuable but perhaps not as good of an opportunity as an investment that has a long term value.
  3. Could you recover if the investment did not work out?
    If the investment didn’t work out and you couldn’t recover from it, perhaps the risk is too steep. Taking a hit or a loss is one thing but risking everything is not always necessary.

How do you rate yourself when it comes to investing or saving. Do you invest in yourself?

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Top business thought leaders on vision, branding and image

Top Business Thought Leaders on Vision, Branding and Image

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The most successful entrepreneurs have a team of advisors that they trust. The advisors may be their board of directors, a mastermind group, or even a group of like-minded individuals. When building your business, it is important to continually surround yourself with positive individuals striving to reach new heights.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the Cox Media Group, WOKV Business Expert Forum hosted by Rich Jones. The forum provided the perfect opportunity for local business owners to learn from and share with each other.

The Business Expert Panelists included:

  • Mike Lester owner and CEO of Talon Wealth Management – Financial
  • Paul Astelford from Visit Jacksonville – Local
  • CC Underwood from the Sellin’ With CC Team at Keller Williams – Realty
  • Kenny Harper from Rock My Image – Marketing
  • John Keeley from Community First Credit Union – Community

Top 5 Takeaways from Thought Leaders on Vision, Branding and Image

(all mentions below are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

1) Leveraging Modern Marketing Works – Mike Lester

Traditional media still gets a large amount of eyeballs but digital marketing can be more targeted, it is easier to measure and can be quickly optimized. If you are not leveraging a digital marketing strategy you are missing a great opportunity to grow your business.

2) Real Change Begins with a Strong Vision – Paul Astelford

Many entrepreneurs put the cart before the horse by starting to execute goals before defining a clear vision. A vision is the blueprint to whatever you are conceptually building. When it comes to developing a vision, the more you can define what you’re aiming to achieve the better. Business owners should lead their company to fulfill a well thought out vision.

3) You Must Be Bold and Different – CC Underwood

If you do not differentiate yourself in a crowded market, you may be viewed as a commodity. You must take the time and energy to work on defining what makes you unique and why people would want to choose you over your competitors. Be yourself and authentic but also be sure to highlight what makes you unique.

4) Your Mindset is Paramount to Success – Kenny Harper

There are a lot of statistics showing how the majority of small businesses fail. You must keep a positive, abundant mindset to reach success. If you expect to fail, you most likely will. Your decisions will be affected by your mindset and bring to fruition whatever you are expecting. Be diligent, be proactive and keep faith that it all will work out and you will increase your chances of success.

5) The Experience Matters – John Keeley

In a world where people have multiple options at their fingertips, it is more important than ever to have a quality and consistent experience for your customers. People will not necessarily remember everything about your business but they will most likely remember how you made them feel. Make them feel good and chances are you’ll earn their repeat business.

Jacksonville Business Experts

(Kenny Harper, Rich Jones & Wally Conway)

Are you implementing the thoughts and advice of great business leaders? Where do you need to put your attention and focus?

Business of Being a Brand Guide






Personal note:I found it very rewarding to hear the top business thought leaders in Jacksonville echo some of the core principals that I’ve been sharing on vision, branding and image. Great minds think alike! Special Thanks to John Showalter, Rich Jones, WOKV and the panelists for putting on a great event.

Tips for mastering the money mindset

Tips for Mastering the Money Mindset

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Everything is relative including money. What is a lot of money for some is not much for others. The money mindset is how you think and feel about money. Money is one of the most focused on necessities of life but most people don’t have the right money mindset and therefore limit their financial potential. These three tips are intended for entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their monetary status.

Three Tips for Mastering the Money Mindset

1) The Law of Attraction works with Money Too

The Law of Attraction is that like forces attract. So when you focus on lack you will continue to have lack. When you focus on wealth, opportunities for acquiring wealth will present themselves. Some may doubt that if you just think about money you will mystically cultivate money. I personally don’t believe thinking alone will lead you to riches but I do believe focusing on acquiring money with a positive attitude and abundant mindset will definitely cultivate more opportunities to gain than focusing on loss with a negative attitude. As you radiate out the right frequency opportunities will unfold in your life.

2) Your Self Worth and Value is Critical

Many beginning entrepreneurs undervalue their time. Most of us were trained to think this way. We started with jobs paying us anywhere from $10 – $30 an hour. We typically couldn’t afford paying high rates such as $100 – $200 per hour. So when it comes to us pricing our time a lot of entrepreneurs under price themselves and their true earning potential. If I asked you, “How would you like to make $100,000 for working a job?” most people would automatically assume that the payment was an annual payment. However, can some people earn $100,000 per month? Yes. Why not you? Is it because it is unlikely and most people don’t make that much? Why is that the case? We’ve been conditioned to set goals that are in our close range and therefor we typically don’t get far outside of our immediate range. In order to earn bigger incomes we need to think with bigger mindsets so you take bigger actions required to achieve the goals.

3) Smart Investing Beats Saving

Another common mistake entrepreneurs make is focusing on the cost of something not looking at the long term return on investment. Too many times through my career I’ve heard people state that something costs too much to invest in. However what these people are missing is factoring the ROI on their investment. The most wealthy people on the planet did not save their way to wealth, they invested in opportunities that were able to earn a return on investment. Every investment may not produce great rewards but you’ll gain either a ROI or knowledge which are both valuable. You can always make more money but you can’t get back your time. Highly successful entrepreneurs take risks and are willing to fail in order to win.

What is your money mindset? Do you have an abundant mindset or a scarcity mindset when it comes to money?

Business of Being a Brand Guide



Top professional mastermind for entrepreneurs and rockstar professionals

Top Professional Mastermind for Entrepreneurs & Rockstar Professionals

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If you’re interested in learning about the Top Professional Mastermind for Rockstar Professionals then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the home of RPM, The Rockstar Professional Mastermind is a mastermind for the passionate entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to become true rockstar professionals.

Masterminds are Used by the Pros

When I started to think bigger and hang around a new level of successful people I continued to come across the concept of a mastermind. A group that has members of high caliber that work together as a think tank and accountability partners, I was very intrigued. I had read about masterminds in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich but never really gave it too much thought. During an Authority Marketing video conference I hosted, one of my guests who was a successful entrepreneur mentioned the biggest piece of advice she could offer would be to join a mastermind. Through the next few months I had the opportunity to attend several different masterminds. 12 Mavens, C12 and the mastermind of the Harvard Faculty Club and while those masterminds were very powerful… they did not have the focus and minds that I was looking to connect with so I decided to build my own and worked with my partners at Rock My Image to do so.

The RPM Mastermind

Our mastermind RPM or the Rockstar Professional Mastermind is geared for the professionals that aim to build their personal brands and leverage authority marketing to live a BOLD Vision. Those who authentically fly their own flag, call their own shots and have fun doing it. Our curriculum for the mastermind follows our book Amplify Your Business and our authority marketing principals outlined in our information product Ensemble. We developed an in person mastermind which is the most powerful when practical and a virtual mastermind which is the next best thing if logistics is an issue.

Three Powerful Benefits of Joining a Mastermind

  1. Additional Perspectives and Insights – When you get like minded people together with a similar focus you have the benefit that the members are most likely familiar enough with your industry to understand it and can also add additional perspectives and insights on the matter that you will not be able to see being in the middle of your project. Your fellow mastermind members can help you save time and money or offer new solutions to challenges.
  2. Accountability – Most people get in their own way by getting side tracked, procrastinating or completely just not doing what they are suppose to do. Most of us are not very good and holding ourselves accountable… It’s really hard to hold ourselves accountable because we can easily fool ourselves to talk ourselves out of just about anything. A strong mastermind group can help ensure that you are producing results or held accountable for not producing results. This is key if you really want to make progress.
  3. Synergistic Thinking – Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more parts to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Synergistic thinking is magical, it can help you think leaps and bounds beyond what you may have been able to come up with on your own. When creative thinking or problem solving is needed there is almost no better substitute than a collaborative effort of like minded minds in the same frequency.

Is a Mastermind Worth an Investment?

When I first heard about some of the costs associated with a mastermind, I must admit, I didn’t get it. I had a small mindset focused on the loss of the money I would have to give to participate. For the first half of my professional career I had this mindset. Through time I tended to notice that some of the most successful people invest in themselves. They believe that not only is the investment relatively small in the scheme of things but more importantly they believe in their own capabilities enough to know that they can increase their investment multiple times by increasing their knowledge and insights. After changing my perspective I started investing in training, conferences and coaching and these investments took root and changed my life. If you are a passionate entrepreneur, I highly recommend checking out a mastermind. If you’re looking one aimed for Rockstar Professionals, be sure to check out RPM. Regardless of your choice in masterminds, continue to invest in yourself to increase your earning capabilities, if you don’t see that you will easily be able to get a positive return on investment you must work on expanding your vision and belief system.

What do you think of Masterminds? Do you have any you like?

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The 9 pillars of authority marketing

The 9 Pillars of Authority Marketing

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Authority Marketing is the focus of marketing that positions one as the expert in their industry and differentiates them from their competitors. This form of marketing is sort of an extension of personal branding. Your personal brand should reflect who you are, what you’re about and the purpose you serve. And in doing so attract your desired audience and connections. Authority marketing strengthens this effect by not only ensuring your brand reflects who you are but it also elevates your positioning that will distinguish you in your industry and raise your influence among others.

Rock My Image is an authority marketing agency aimed to produce Rockstar Professionals by working with entrepreneurs with the right attitude, expertise and drive to do what it takes to live their BOLD Vision.

The 9 Pillars of Authority Marketing

  • Expert Brand Positioning – In order to be perceived as an expert, you need to be positioned as an expert. This should be an authentic effort, you really need to be an expert in your industry.
  • Content Marketing – By creating valuable content, you can provide value to your audience while positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  • Lead Generation – Being seen as an authority is great but you still need to acquire leads to take advantage of the positioning. Develop a system to collect information from potential prospects and then nurture the leads to get them to take the desired action.
  • Public Speaking – Speaking whether in person or online is perhaps one of the most powerful practices to develop your authority. It lets your audience experience your thoughts as well as your personality and style.
  • Book Authorship – Writing a book is a great way to document your thoughts and share your thoughts and perspective. A book can be an excellent sales tool.
  • Referral Marketing – They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. There is some truth to that. By being connected to the right people you can get better opportunities, easier, with less money.
  • Publicity – Leveraging public relations will get your message in front of your audience with high positioning. This will keep you top of mind and elevate your status.
  • Event Marketing – Participating in events gives you the opportunity to interact with people and make connections. It shows that you are happening.
  • Principles – Perhaps one of the most important pillars is your principles and values. Those who are being deceitful or misleading will eventually get found out. In order to really get the best results from authority marketing your message, your image and your marketing should all be authentic. Live with integrity, honesty and sincerity and the other values that are important to you and this will help you be a true Rockstar Professional.

Improving Your Pillars of Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing has a lot of components and it can be a challenge to tackle without a plan. Before you start marketing away, you need to have a strategic plan. Before you have a strategic plan, you need to assess where you’re at to see where you need to put your focus.

Which of the 9 pillars of authority marketing do you need to work on?

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Harvard faculty club- 3 tips for living your bold vision

Three Tips for Living Your BOLD Vision – Harvard Faculty Club

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This speech is dedicated to the late Fred Williams III and was delivered to the Harvard Faculty Club‘s Business Expert Forum.

Claim Your Stage:

There are two types of people in the world, those who wander aimlessly and then the very, very, very small percentage that choose and commit to living a BOLD vision.

My first BOLD Vision

The first bold vision I set out to achieve was in music. I wanted to be a professional rock star. Who wouldn’t want to be a rock star with the flashing lights, the booming bass and the adoring fans?

I found a passion in music throughout my youth and I made some progress in my music career. I recorded and sold original music, met some of the biggest performers in rock-and-roll and played an official after party for a Metallica concert.

Despite loving music, I always kept one foot in the “safe zone”, going to school while working a job. I was never “all in”.

Encountering those who are are “All In”

While playing in bands I met a lot of interesting characters, including the musician who influenced me the most, a singer named Fred Williams III. He was a rock star personified. He talked the talk, he walked the walk and he even had our band name tattooed on his neck! Fred may have a tough exterior, but inside he was all heart.

I’ll never forget one of the things Fred told me that had a deep impact on me. We were backstage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta and I asked him “Fred, do you have a backup plan in case this whole music thing doesn’t work out?” He looked at me with his soulful green eyes and said, “Kenny, This is my dream and I am living it. I don’t need a backup plan.” Fred followed his dream with all of his heart. He was “all in”. I really admired that about him.

In the following years, life happened and Fred and I fell out of contact. A little over a year ago, out of the blue, Fred dropped me a line on Facebook suggesting that we get together to catch up. But I was too busy to even respond. A few months later, Fred popped up in my mind and I felt an urgency to reach out to him. So I contacted him on Facebook and said “Hey there Fred. Hope all is well. Life is keeping me busy. Let’s get together soon. You know, it’s a still life without you.” A Still Life Without You was one of the songs we recorded together in the studio. The next day I checked on Facebook to see if he replied but instead of seeing a reply, I saw a bunch of goodbyes.

Fred passed away that evening. Time had passed and I missed my opportunity to reconnect. That hurt.

Fred and I were the same age. This guy that I admired, that lived his passion was gone way too soon.

It took two weeks for the shock to even start to fade and then BAM it hit me! This was a wake up call. What I realized was that I still wasn’t living a bold vision. I still had one foot in the safe zone. Right then and there, I decided that wasn’t good enough for me. I once wanted to be a professional rock star, now I strive to be a rockstar professional in marketing, because that is what I do.

Deciding what your Passion & Purpose is and going “All In”

At that point, my partners and I at Rock My Image decided it was time to be “all in” and we set out on a mission to define our bold vision and we outlined the plan to becoming true rockstar professionals. We even wrote a book on it.

Now we help other driven professionals like us become the go-to experts in their industries.

Right now I’m going to share with you the three simple steps you need to take to get started:

  1. Define Your Bold Vision – Clearly define a vision that challenges you, energizes you and makes a difference in your life and the life of others.
  2. Craft Your Story – Identify what makes you unique and what value you, and you alone, can provide.
  3. Share Your Message with the World – Ensure you have a personal brand that clearly communicates who you are, what you’re about and the purpose you serve.

Right now you are in the performance of your lifetime, it’s called your life. Make it count.

What is your BOLD Vision? What will you commit Your Life to achieving?

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National Speakers Association- find your tribe

National Speakers Association – Find Your Tribe

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In 2016, I attended my first NSA (National Speakers Association) event in Phoenix, Arizona. The NSA is a professional speakers’ organization that supports the pursuit of public speaking as a business. Rockstar Professional and international speaker, Pegine Echevarria, had recommend that my business partner, Jen DeVore, and I attend as we had shared with her our intent to take our message around the world to a larger audience. I’m glad we took her advice.

Quick re-cap of my experience at NSA’s Influence 2016:

I did not know what to expect when I attended. My fears were that I’d spend a couple grand and find myself in the same spot after the event minus the two grand investment. However I was delighted to have found my tribe. The NSA is full of speakers of all different backgrounds, experience levels and personalities that are welcoming, inspiring and encouraging. I made many amazing contacts, my professional perspective shifted and I developed relationships with people who shared a similar passion about getting their message out to the world. I highly recommend this organization to anybody looking to increase their influence or pursue a career in speaking.

Keep in mind, like anything else you get out what you put in, so if you’re not going to put in the effort, a membership alone won’t do anything for you. The same goes for other organizations. Go “all in” in order to leverage the membership to it’s full extent.

Who is the NSA for?

If you are a speaker or an aspiring Rockstar Professional looking to build your influence and authority in your industry, you may want to consider the NSA. They have the connections, tools, training and experience to help save you time and get better results in professional speaking.

How can the NSA help you or your business?

You can save a lot of time, energy and money buy learning from people who have already learned the steps to take to succeed in the profession. By reading their materials, watching their videos and connecting with their members you will elevate your business and reach new levels of success.

What about Toastmasters International?

If you’re familiar with my background than you know that I’m a Toastmasters advocate. Toastmasters helps people develop their communication and leadership skills and it is a great organization to learn the basics. When you’re ready to take the next step and become a paid professional speaker, the NSA gives you more insights focused on leveraging your speaking abilities for business and monetization.

Is an NSA Membership really worth the investment?

The National Speakers Association has many different levels of membership. They have a national membership and they also have local chapter membership as well as different levels depending on your experience. If you can’t earn a positive ROI in your investment through time, then you are honestly not trying. It is not hard to do if you focus and really apply yourself. Business professionals can increase the money they make and their business as well by rising their influence.

Tip: When considering investing in something, try thinking, “What is the cost of not investing?”.

How do I join the NSA?

Visit NSA.org and sign up to the level that best fits you. If there is a chapter close to your city, I highly recommend getting involved with it. Just make sure you’re ready to take the step and get involved. Again if you don’t commit to it, it won’t do anything for you. If you’re looking to improve your speaking skills but not yet ready to get involved with a speakers association, check out Toastmasters International, it’s great practice and less financial commitment.

Pics from NSA’s Influence 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona

Does the National Speakers Association sound like it could be your tribe? How would this help you achieve your BOLD Vision?

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Visualization techniques to realize your full potential

Visualization Techniques to Realize Your Full Potential

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Your mind is very powerful and if you want it to put it to work for you, you must proactively use it. One simple technique that is very powerful is the technique of Visualization. Visualization simply requires you to clearly think about what you’re attempting to do, accomplish or acquire and put focus on it.

The technique of visualization does several things to utilize mind power:

  1. It puts the focus on what you want.
    When you focus on what you want, you’re not focusing on the wrong thoughts. That’s half the battle, getting your mind to be focusing on the solutions not the problems.
  2. You program your subconscious mind.
    Your mind records everything you mentally consume or think. Programming it with what you want gets your subconscious mind working for you. This is similar to how you may be trying to remember a particular detail of something but you for whatever reason can’t recall. You put it in your subconscious mind that you’re seeking the answer and then it goes to work looking for the answer. Later in the day out of the blue the answer pops in your mind. Your subconscious has served you. You can have it serve you on bigger agendas if you let it know what you’re aiming to solve.
  3. You activate the law of attraction.
    Many people have proven the law of attraction that like attracts like. By thinking positive thoughts about something you will omit a frequency that will bring the thing that you seek to you. This is what the famous book The Secret professes. However, many people including myself disagree with The Secret’s claim you simply need to think about it and it will happen. You need to take some actions too. Some things may stumble into your life by chance but in most cases you’ll need to make plans and take action to acquire what you want.

Three Steps towards Effective Visualization

  1. Clearly define what you’re looking to accomplish.
    What is it you’re looking to do, obtain, acquire? Get fit, earn a promotion?
  2. Relax your body and mind.
    Take a moment to get your mind calm and collected. It’s not effective to visualize if your mind is cluttered and unfocused.
  3. Spend five to ten minutes visualizing on what you want.
    You actually need to take the time to do this to make it work. Mentally envision the items that you are seeking, the more clear and detailed, the better.

Always visualize your goal as if it is currently happening to you. Make it real, clear and detailed.

Do this on a regular basis. There is power in repetition.

What Success Techniques Have You Found that Have Helped You with Visualization?

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