Who Are You Becoming? – Jonathan Fanning – Highlights

By December 23, 2017Business Growth

Who Are You Becoming?

Who are you BECOMING as a … parent leader citizen athlete coach friend spouse entrepreneur Who are you helping those around you to BECOME? What is the “Simplest and Most Effective Leadership Development Plan”? Are you ready to ask bigger and more meaningful questions? What is this one life really all about? Is there a recipe to create clarity of purpose? Are you so busy that a week, month, or decade has vanished? One year from today, will you be more passionate… or not? How can we intentionally develop character in today’s culture? Feel stuck climbing the wrong ladders?

About Jonathan Fanning: A traumatic car accident and other “Frying Pan” moments in the middle of Jonathan Fanning’s career as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies triggered a quest for a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and significance. Fanning has built several successful businesses, including the largest franchise within a national children’s fitness company and Entrepreneur Adventure, a unique series of immersion programs for aspiring entrepreneurs. A dynamic, passionate, and engaging speaker, Jonathan shares his “Who are you BECOMING?” message with organizations around the world.

So… Who Are You Becoming?


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