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Authority marketing tips and resources

Marketing Mic Check – Authority Marketing Tips


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What is Authority Marketing?

Authority Marketing is a type of marketing that aims to position you as THE expert in your industry establishing trust and credibility.

A couple statistics supporting the importance of authority marketing:

  • 90% people trust their friends and influncers, 30% trust brands – Neilson
  • 84% business decisions start with a referral with trust & credibility is lead factors.

Top 3 Tips for Authority Marketing from this Marketing Mic Check

  1. Re-Purpose Content and Build Authorship through Time.
    Writing a book to become an author can be overwhelming. Rather than being overwhelmed start small and build through time. Write blog posts, compile the blog posts into an e-book, refine the e-book to be a printed book.
  2. Build Your Local Visibility & Credibility.
    While writing your blog posts to accumulate the content for a book, reach out to websites that your target audience reads and offer to submit a guest post. This will increase your visibility and credibility plus the link back from the website will add value to your domain’s authority giving it a boost in local search.
  3. Put Focus & Attention On Your Personal Brand.
    As work to write your blog posts and grow reputation for thought leadership, put focus and attention on refining your personal brand and message. If your content is great but your image and message are unclear you may not get the results you want. Refine your image to be the best representation of yourself to be scene as an expert. Look, Act and Be a Rockstar Professional and then you can Claim Your Stage.

Check out many more tips and in the actual program below:

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