Amplified Actions for Amplified Business Success

Below are tools, tips and resources to ensure you are empowered to achieve maximum results in the Amplified Business Growth Program.


Annually: Vision Refinement

The only thing constant is change. Each year we make progress in our business, we also have setbacks and changes that could potentially alter our course.

  • Schedule an Annual Planning meeting
  • Review & refine ten, five, three & one-year Visions
  • Determine your Major Definite Purpose
  • Take an Amplified Business Annual Assessment
  • Complete a Stop, Start, Continue Exercise
  • Coordinate Strategic Planning for the Quarter

Quarterly: Strategic Planning

Each quarter, it is important to take a step back and work on the Action Plan for the quarter. Take time to identify the specific goals you want to achieve in SMART goal format and then break them down into smaller steps and schedule them into an action plan.


  • Consider putting a quarterly calendar on the wall.
  • Share your quarterly goals with your team.
  • Set up multiple points of accountability.

Monthly: Milestone Review

Each month, it is important to review your defined Milestones and map out your weeks ahead of time to ensure you are setting yourself up for success to achieve your defined ROCK(s). Aim to stay focused and committed to achieving your results. If you need to adjust your goals or plan, do so with purpose and intent. Avoid getting pulled off course by shiny objects or busywork.

  • Milestone Review
  • Review KPIs & Progress on ROCK
  • Adjust Goal or Actions as needed
  • Optimize Strategy as needed
  • Refuel Vision & Purpose – ensure you are amplified & inspired


  • Utilize both physical & digital calendars.
  • Consider scheduling Power Days or large blocks of within the month to tackle blocks of time.
  • Communicate the goals, strategies & actions with your team.

Weekly – Set the Agenda

You are in control of your most valuable asset, your time. Each week gives you the opportunity to make significant progress with moving your business forward. It is up to you to plan your week accordingly to ensure you maximize your time.

  • Prior to week’s begin – Review your Action Plan and Prepare for the upcoming week
  • Prioritize most important actions to move your ROCK forward
  • Eliminate distractions or items that are not moving you forward
  • Block off time to complete ROCK in calendar
  • Implement a Weekly Calendar sheet to prioritize actions
  • Define a Hotlist – To-Do List – Use a whiteboard, calendar
  • Plan for unexpected events.
  • Review progress at end of week. Reschedule if needed to ensure moving forward.


  • Consider scheduling certain time of days OR set days within the week to focus on certain actions.
  • Use a planner or calendar tools to ensure the most important actions are being moved forward each week.
  • Eliminate items of less importance to ensure you have time for your priorities time mastery, four quadrants.
  • Plan for unexpected items to come up by scheduling flex time in your calendar.

NOTE: Weekly planning is perhaps one of the most important activities. Each week gives ample time to work both in your business and on your business. By owning your time, you can make significant strides each week to move your business forward. If you do this each week for 13 weeks, think about the progress you will make.

Daily – Take Focused Action

Every day is an opportunity to take steps forward in your ROCKs. Even if the steps are small, like taking ax swings to a large tree, eventually you can chop down huge trees with continual action. The key is to take action with consistent persistence.

  • Plan your day the day before by prioritizing most important actions (day planner)
  • Review your day plan in the morning
  • Put first things first, aim to get most important tasks completed early in the day
  • Review your progress at the end of the day
  • Ensure you are taking Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for your actions


  • Journal Daily – Use your 90 Day Action Planner to Journal Daily to keep focus and ensure you’re making significant progress on your actions. The journal also guides you to analyze your day for achieving peak performance. Visit here for more info on the Action Planner or email me directly.
  • Schedule your time into 90-minute increments to get “in-the-zone” and take 10-15 minute breaks in between. This will give you an opportunity to see if you’re on track.
  • If you are having trouble with keeping to your schedule, use a day time log to track your time. Chances are you are letting minor efforts pull you off course and can use Prioritization, Delegation or Elimination to stay on track.

Tools & Templates:

Ensure you are regularly taking these actions to achieve your amplified business success.

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