Add Profits to Your Bottom Line with Big Ticket Items

Create Big Ticket Items for More Profits

Sell Big Ticket Items to Grow Your Bottom Line

Hey there amplifiers.

Here’s a tip you definitely want to be considering regardless of what your business is in, what industry you’re in.

You want to be thinking about how you can sell big-ticket items.

Because if you can sell just a few big-ticket items then it could be a lot more profitable and valuable than selling a lot of little wimpy, small priced items.

How do you do this in your business? Well there’s a lot of different ways but you got to think about first, what is something that you could sell that’s big-ticket. And maybe you don’t have a product that you can stack that easily, but you can include other products and services.

You don’t even need to create them all yourself. You can get them from other people other professionals and bundle them together.

Bundling Your Products Has Two Core Benefits

Number one,¬†bundling takes price out of the equation because now you’re no longer being compared to other similar things. Because you have a bundle with more value. Your product or service is no longer being perceived as a commodity and therefore no longer has to compete on being the lowest price.

Number two, sell more and earn more profits. In this bundle with more value you can sell it for a higher price because it has more value. Higher price, higher profits. Work smarter, not harder.

Do you have a big-ticket item?

Are High Ticket Items Good for Your Customer’s Best Interest?

Now here’s the thing, you may be thinking “I don’t know is that really in the clients best interest”. Well if you’re providing more value, then it could be. If you’re just selling something expensive just to sell something expensive, that may not benefit your customers. Eventually that may work against you. When you keep the customer’s interest first, this can be a lot better.

Creating big ticket offers is going be different for each business but when you aim to serve your client, provide more value, give them more transformation, give them more of what they’re looking for then, they will benefit from buying a big ticket item. So why not create a big ticket item? It’s a win-win. They get more value, you get more value.

Sell big-ticket items, make big-ticket money.

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What Is Your Big Ticket Item?

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