5 Steps for Creating a BOLD Vision

5 steps to creating a bold vision

“We are not limited by our abilities, we are limited by our lack of vision.” – anonymous

Why many people do not live awesomely rich lives.

Unfortunately many people have a tendency to focus on what they don’t have. It’s a natural tendency that starts soon after we’re born. A kid can have no interest in a toy until someone else has it. When another kid picks up the toy instantly the toy becomes the most important thing in the world to the original kid. We’ve all experienced similar experiences as adults. We’re content with our lives until someone comes along with more making us feel like we have less. Then we tend to focus on the less we have rather than appreciate what we have and take actions for the more we may want.

What you can do to change that and live an awesomely rich life!

In order to get what you want you must focus on what you want and believe and feel that you already have it. It may not be in your possession this instant but you know that it will be with confidence. You can greatly increase your chances of living an awesomely rich life by developing an BOLD Vision of an awesomely rich life and putting your focus and efforts on achieving it.

Create a BOLD Vision & Get BOLD Results!

5 Steps for Creating a BOLD Vision:

1. DREAM what it would be like to live an awesomely rich life.

What would that mean to you to live an awesomely rich life? You must define what it would mean for you if you really want to achieve it. Take a moment to brainstorm a life that is 100% pure awesomeness. At this point don’t hold back, let it be a fantasy. Think as big as you can make it. Dream. There are no limits to your dream.

TIP: When dreaming don’t let what you don’t currently have cause you to focus on what you are lacking. Focus on what you want.

2. Now take a moment to DECIDE on what you really want your life to be like.

In the previous exercise above you brainstormed without restraints to get your mind flowing with possibilities. Now you need to think about what you really want in your life and you also need to consider some realms of possibility.

First, The Bad News:

a. Not everything is possible. Unfortunately not everything in life is possible. Don’t get me wrong this is not a non-believer statement. It is something that one needs to understand. For example a 85 year old man should not make it his goal and desire to be the Most Valuable Player of an NFL football game. That is not practical.

b. You can’t have EVERYTHING. It’s a law of nature, in order to have some things, you cannot have others. If you want to be an A-list celebrity living in the lime-light, you can not at the same time have a completely normal lifestyle. If you want to be in your best health, you can’t smoke and drink everyday. If you want to bring a BOLD Vision to come to reality, you can’t be lazy and take no action. Some sacrifices must be made to achieve your vision.

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”- Jim Rohn

Now, The Good News:

YOU can live an awesomely rich life! Regardless of your age, education, religion, up-bringing or circumstances you have the power to change your mind, actions and life to you get what you truly want out of life. While you can’t have everything you can definitely develop a life that is awesomely rich that makes you feel fulfilled with joy. The only catch is, it’s up to you to make it happen and cultivate the attitude to appreciate it.

TIP: A BOLD Vision somewhere in between what you can already do and the possibilities in your dreams.

3. Write down your Vision with Clarity

Before we go through the next step you must also understand what I’m referring to when I’m talking about living an awesomely rich life. An awesomely rich life does not necessarily mean you have a bazillion dollars and can afford everything in the world and there are never any challenges. An awesomely rich life is a life that is truly balanced and is fulfilling leaving you feeling rich regardless of your financial, career or relationship status. A life in which you wake up and feel invigorated or excited to live. A balanced life that pays attention to the various categories in your life including:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Mind & Personal Growth
  • Spiritual

Now grab a piece of paper and begin to write out the Vision of what you want out of each of these areas. Think about where you ultimately want to be, not about making improvements from where you are now. Example: If you live in an apartment and want to live in a house, don’t write about a house that you could potentially afford right now or in the near future, write about a house you would ultimately want.

Once you have written down clear visions for each category, review your list and take things up another level. IF you want BOLD Results, you need a BOLD Vision. If you aim for 100% you may get 90%. So aim for 120% and you may get 100%. Your Vision should really stretch your potential of what you believe is possible.

When you have your BOLD Vision defined, it may be worth taking a moment to really think about the Vision as well as your passion and commitment to achieving it. As mentioned previously, you will need to take action and make sacrifices to meet your vision. If you have a Vision of creating your own brand or products but aren’t driven to take action on it then it may be left in the realm of a dream. You must work for your vision to come true.

Personal example: I love playing music but when it came down to making the sacrifices of hitting the road and going on tour I was not up for making the lifestyle sacrifices it would take to do it.

4. Create a Vision Board that Ignites your Passion

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a pretty true statement. If you aren’t regularly looking or reflecting on something you’ll loose focus on it. If you have a BOLD Vision but don’t make it a priority to actively focus and take action on it on a regular basis then you’ll have a hard time making real progress on bringing it to fruition.

Making a Vision Board is a process that can help tap into your passion and the board itself can serve as a reminder of what you’re aiming for. There are many different ways to create a Vision Board. Some people cut out photos from magazines with pictures and quotes that inspire them and post them on a board. Others may like to draw, sketch or paint theirs on canvas. I personally like creating mine using a computer and printing it out. I took pictures from various sources and created a composite of my BOLD Vision using quotes, people, places and things that inspire me. I like the digital format because it is easy to edit and you can save multiple versions for printing, screen savers, your phone etc… Which ever way you choose to create one it must do two things. 1. Capture your Bold Vision and 2. Inspire you to take action.

5. Share it with the World

Last but not least, share your BOLD Vision with the world. Share it with your friends, family and contacts. Be excited about it and know that you’re on your way to achieving it. A BOLD Vision that is shared with nobody is less likely to come true. People, situations and opportunities will arise once you declare and commit to what you’re looking to achieve.

Keep in mind that haters are going to hate. If you create a BOLD Vision, there will be some people that simply don’t have the mental capacity to believe in big things. They will see your vision impossible and may be unsupportive of your goal. Rest assured that there are countless others who achieved their visions regardless of originally being told that dreams were impossible by doubters. Rise above the nay sayers and know that with continual attention, focus and dedication you can make it come true through time.

Here are a few more important things to consider:

  • Knowing what you want in loose terms is not the same is having it clearly written out. If it’s not written in detail it doesn’t count.
  • You can’t set it and forget it. It needs to be your main focus. All of your life’s decisions and actions should be aligned with your vision.
  • If you feel like reaching your vision is easy… you did not think big enough. Aim higher.
  • Don’t let things that you are “suppose to do” stand in the way of making progress of your vision.

What is your BOLD Vision? Share it with me and the world.

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