10 Tips for an Awesome, Productive Year

10 tips for an awesome productive year

Once Again the Year Comes to an End

Well here we are here again wrapping up another year and if you happen to be reading this early in the year or even mid-year, don’t worry the end of the year will be here again before you know it. For some people they have had an amazing year full of excitement, personal growth and awesomeness and for others it’s just been another year and they are in the same place they were a year ago.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Time is tricky, it can seem like it drags on and on at certain times but we blink and it’s been another year… or another decade.

I’m amazed that it has been 10 years since I graduated from college, back packed through Europe and met my wife. A lot has changed in the past ten years. For me I’ve had some gains, some losses but overall I feel as though I’m in a better place. I feel I’ve gained many insights and perspective on what’s important in life and how we must act to get the things we want.

Finding Clarity and Getting Focus

I feel super blessed to have found my true purpose. I am ecstatic to have a fun, fulfilling career where I can be creative and help others improve their lives and achieve their goals. However I look back through the past decade and think of how much time a decade provides and how much progress I’ve made in my life’s mission. I’ve spent a majority of time working on projects sharpening my skills and being a student of life.

10 Tips for an Awesome, Productive Year

1. Make Time to Develop a Vision

Make the time to actually think out a Bold Vision for yourself. What do you really want your life to be like? Are you 100% happy with where you are currently in life? With what you do for a living? With what you do with your time. etc… etc… Carve out the time to work on your vision before making goals that may be ambitious but not contributing towards your life vision.

2. Create SMART Goals & Share them with the World

Once you have a vision you need to set some goals that will move you closer to your achieving your vision. Read more on Goal Setting and SMART Goals. I recommend setting no more than three to four goals. These goals should be realistic but also should challenge you. It is important to ensure they are vision progress oriented. Tell the world the things that you are trying to achieve. Telling your family, friends and colleagues your goals can help create a sense of accountability to achieving them. You may also want to try asking someone who you cares about you and you can trust to hold you accountable for making progress on your goals.

3. Create an Action Plan and Execute It

Creating goals are great but without a plan and taking action they don’t accomplish anything. Write out the actions you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Set timelines for accomplishing key milestones and take action.

4. Reinforce Your Motivation

Once you have identified some goals and things that you want to achieve, you should reflect on your motivation. You should answer why are you trying to achieve the goals in the first place. Getting down to the root reasons of why you are looking to achieve these goals should help you tap into your passion and ignite some motivation and to be dedicated to achieve results.

5. Continually Fuel Your Inspiration

Having some personal motivation is great but why not enhance it with some additional inspiration. Take the time to find some things that inspire you whether you find people who have achieved great things, music that gets your juices flowing or a great book with inspirational stories. Fuel your motivation! It’s up to you to build your life so be sure to continue to fuel your fire.

6. Review All of Your Current Actions

Take an audit of your life and your regular daily actions. Too many times people state they don’t have the time to do things however, when most people really examine where they actually spend their time they can discover some time that can be reallocated to more important tasks. Carve out more time to work toward your goals by reducing time watching TV, movies, playing games, partying, and hanging out to give you more time to do the things that are important to the development of your life and completing your vision. Your focus should be a better balance of your time allotment to achieve your goals, but not eliminate some down time, exercise, and human interaction.

7. Eliminate the Noise

There are a lot of things competing for your attention every day. From the news, TV programs, advertisements, commercials, gossip, random social media posts or videos there is a plethora of content out there. Be really careful what content you spend time consuming and digesting. Negative or mindless entertainment can be like junk for your brain, filling it with substance that has little value. Feed your mind with valuable content that can help you grow and absorb positive energy.

8. Commit to Personal Growth & Self Mastery

Who determines the results in your life? You do. Many people have great will, drive and ambition but can be missing important skills that are critical for success. If you find it easy to get distracted or procrastinate you will need to work on skills to help you combat those challenges or any others that are holding you back from making progress.

9. Leverage Your Mind’s Power

Take advantage of the ability to control your mind and visualize completing your goals with confidence. Your chances of succeeding increase greatly when you have confidence and faith in your goals. If you are full of doubts you’re likely to have many challenges and may need to focus on changing your mind’s perspective.

10. Have Gratitude for All Your Blessings

If you are reading this, you are very blessed. Be thankful and grateful for all of the awesome things you have achieved in your past, have in your present and are able to have in your future. With a gratitude attitude you can build a lot of positive momentum.

That’s a good amount of tips for having a more productive and awesome year. Put all these into action with dedication and you are guaranteed to make progress on your goals. If you fall of track, get back up. Take action and make it happen!

What tips do you have to share? What do you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year?

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