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Tips For Selecting Colors For Your Personal Brand

By September 19, 2017Personal Branding
Tips for selecting colors for your personal brand

In this article Kenny Harper explains the significance of choosing brand colors that represent the messages you are trying to convey. He reviews the meaning and characteristics of specific colors, presents challenges that organizations often face and leaves you with actions to get started on choosing your most effective brand colors.

 Your Audience’s Emotional Feel Determined By Brand Colors

 Brand colors are so important. They do more than just sit on a website or flier, they communicate much more to your audience. It’s brand colors that communicate an emotional feel. They can also communicate characteristics. For instance, if you want to be minimalistic, reserved or toned back, you can choose neutral or flat colors. These could look very elegant to some people but to others may look kind of boring or muted. Some people may want to see bright, flashing, bold colors but then again it might be too much for others. It kind of depends on who you’re aiming to connect with.

 Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • What are am I aiming to portray?
  • What feel do I want to give people when they look at the colors that represent me?

 Understanding The Characteristics Your Colors Represent

 It’s also important to know a bit about the colors and the characteristics they represent, for instance brown represents trust. Red can communicate love or it can communicate anger. Blue can also communicate trust but different shades of blue are going to give off a different sort of feeling. So it’s important to really understand which colors you’re selecting, how they represent you, how they’re going to make people feel when they see them, and whether or not they are accurate.

 Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Am I sending out the right message with my colors?
  • Do I know why I have the colors I have?

 Common Challenges Regarding Color Selection

 One of the challenges I’ve seen is when a company hires someone from outside to do their graphics and this person creates a logo or brand identity but doesn’t really know much about the colors that they’re selecting or what the colors portray. A lot of the times they don’t even know much about the company or the person that they’re creating the graphic for.

 Take Action

 I suggest making sure you do your homework, really understand who you are and what you want to communicate to your audience. Make sure that when choosing your brand colors, it’s serving you justice.

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