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Amplify Your Communication Skills – Public Speaking Workshop

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Communication is the most valuable skill you can ever develop as it affects every facet in your life. By attending this one-time only public speaking workshop you will gain great insights to elevate your communication skills and effectively spread your message to your audience.

Award-winning speaker, author and coach Kenny​ ​Harper​ will lead this interactive, educational session on the core competencies of public speaking. Kenny has delivered powerful workshops empowering business owners around the country and on Wednesday,​ ​October​ ​4th​, he will be presenting a special one-time-only Public Speaking Workshop for The​ ​Non-Profit​ ​Center​ ​of​ ​Northeast​ ​Florida​.

Effective communicators can make a huge impact on the world. Communicators like Martin​ ​Luther​ ​King and Mahatma​ ​Ghandi​ have altered history while others like Oprah​ ​Winfrey​ or Tony​ ​Robbins​ are shaping today and the future. By improving your communication skills, you are elevating your influence in the world.

Attendees of this workshop will walk away with powerful insights and tips they can implement when asked to speak on behalf of their nonprofit organization.

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Kenny Harper Mastermind

When​ ​you​ ​attend​ ​this​ ​workshop​ ​you​ ​will​ ​gain:

  • The Core Elements to Public Speaking
  • 3 Powerful Strategies to Keep Your Audience Engaged
  • Techniques to Make Your Presentation Memorable
  • How To Leverage Your Energy for a Better Delivery
  • Keys to Elevate Your Message

Attendees​ ​will​ ​also​ ​receive:

  • A Presentation Blueprint for Crafting Impactful Speeches
  • A Copy of Power​ ​Speaking​ Audio Training
  • A Speak-Your-Book​ Quickstart Guide & Checklist
Business Growth Speaker

Do not miss out on this great opportunity to Amplify Your Communication Skills!

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Personal Branding Event for Business Professionals Lincoln Nebraska

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AMA Lincoln’s Educational Luncheon: How to Leverage Your Personal Brand to Move Up, Make More & Thrive with Professional Speaker, Kenny Harper


Thursday, August 10th from 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Graduate Lincoln
141 N 9th St.
Lincoln, NE 68508


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Rockstar Professionals

When you register and attend this event I will share with you:

  1. The Critical Key to Successful Results in Personal Branding
  2. Five Steps to Elevate Your Influence & Attract Amazing New Opportunities
  3. A Powerful Strategy for Easy & Effective Implementation

Why Personal Branding is Critical for Professionals and Marketing in Today’s Market?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have your ideal job offers or clients coming to you?

Would you like to gain an edge over competition in your market so that you stand out and are seen as the expert in your industry?

Have you noticed that the most successful celebrities are looking more like entrepreneurs and the most successful entrepreneurs are looking more like celebrities?

  • 92% of people trust a person even if they don’t know them over a company.
  • 85% of people trust will trust an influencer they follow over a traditional celebrity.
  • 91% of companies who have tried influencer marketing have found it to be effective.

So why are influencers so powerful and how are they revolutionizing marketing & advertising? Personal Branding!

Personal branding can be used for business growth in many different ways and when leveraged strategically.

Don’t Miss Out on This Event, Register Now to Claim Your Seat & Get Amplified!

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Kenny Harper - Coach & Consultant

Kenny Harper is co-author of Rock My Image’s best seller, Amplify Your Business!

Amplify Your Business

You Are Invited to Join Us, Learn & Leverage!

Join AMA Lincoln for our workshop on August 10th where marketing expert and award-winning speaker Kenny Harper will share strategies you can leverage to differentiate yourself and become a Rockstar Professional in your industry.

Who is this Event For?

  • Marketers & CMOs
  • Designers & Brand Strategists
  • Communication and Industry Experts
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

What to Expect from This Awesome Event:

Get ready to rock with a fun, interactive, personal branding presentation aimed to inspire & motivate you to elevate your influence and maximize your full potential!

Kenny will share key concepts from his book Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success including the powerful takeaways listed below.

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Business Growth Speaker

When You Attend This Event You Will Receive:

Kenny will share key concepts from his book Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success including these powerful takeaways:

  1. The Critical Key to Successful Results in Personal Branding
  2. Five Steps to Elevate Your Influence & Attract Amazing New Opportunities
  3. A Powerful Strategy for Easy & Effective Implementation

You will gain practical knowledge that you can apply to your personal brand or use the strategies and actions to your clients.

Event Attendees will Receive:

  • A FREE Personal Branding Checklist
  • An Invite to an Exclusive Online Implementation Training for Rapid Results
  • A Powerful Rockstar Professional Digital Asset
  • A Copy of the Presentation Slides

PLUS: Additional giveaways and opportunities will be offered to the audience.

Don’t Wait, Register Now & Take The First Step Towards Elevating Your Influence & Attracting New Opportunities!

Rockstar Professionals

Kenny Harper is:

  • Producer of Rockstar Profesionals
  • An Award Winning Speaker
  • Certified Magnetic Marketing Adviser
  • Certified Presentrainer™
  • Alumni of Harvard Faculty Club Mastermind
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Sharing is Caring! Thanks For Your Support!

“It’s in the decisions that you make that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

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9 Steps to Writing a Money Making Book

Nine Steps to Write a Money Making Book

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For entrepreneurs looking to differentiate themselves, you may want to consider writing a book. Writing a book can elevate you and position you as an authority in your industry. Even though there are quite a few books out there already, a majority of people don’t write books or leverage them properly. Below are nine steps you can take to create a money making book.

Step 1. Determine the purpose of the book.

  • Who are you writing to (more targeted can be better)
  • What doors need to be open
  • What problems are you solving
  • What are your calls to actions
  • What do you want people to do

This will help you craft a book that will serve these purposes. The more clear your goals, the more on target you’ll be.

Step 2. Educate your audience on your points from your perspective with your personality.

Be unique and have some personality. No body wants to read boring content that looks like everybody else’s. Have a pulse and avoid the snooze-fest.

Step 3. Create your list of book partners & promoters (vendors, clients, strategic partners).

They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know… this is true in many areas… including authoring a book. Make better contacts, get better results.

Step 4. Develop your media list.

Ensure you have a plan to get the word out when you release your book. If a book falls in the woods and nobody knows about it will anybody hear it?

Step 5. Plan to lead readers away from your book with strong calls to action.

Don’t make the mistake by writing a book that people read but never take action on or connect with you. Be proactive and guide them to take action.

Step 6. Develop a Launch Strategy that adds value.

  1. Set up a system that drives business to you
  2. Reviews & endorsements
  3. Market to your list & contacts
  4. Distribute to influencers in industry
  5. Online promotions
  6. Print, direct mail, pr
  7. Speaking, trade shows

Step 7. Get started

Many people get so overwhelmed by the process they never even begin. Don’t be the sheep, be the carnivore and eat that elephant! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Just start by taking action.

Step 8. Commit to completion

Now quite a few people start a book but only a fraction of people complete the effort. Draft your ideas and let good be good enough. Hire an editor to help you refine your ideas and then move on. Perfection can never be obtained so don’t waist your time trying to make it perfect.

Step 9. Leverage it. Leverage it. Leverage it.

For the few people I have seen complete their book they don’t leverage it to it’s full capacity. If you’re an author, have an amazing idea or great contacts you could potentially make some money by selling the book. But for the majority authors you’ll make more money leveraging the book as a marketing tool than through sales. You can give the book away to prospects and acquire new business or make great new contacts. You can still sell the book but don’t focus on sales alone, leverage it. As an entrepreneur you should focus on building business not selling a book. Don’t try to sell a great prospect a book, earn their business by giving them the book.

Business of Being a Brand Guide

5 key tips to rapidly amplify your business success

5 Key Tips to Rapidly Amplify Your Success

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Each year many people start the new year with aspirations of goals they look to accomplish in the upcoming year however in many cases the year goes by and many goals are not accomplished and little has changed. People continually attempt to set New Year’s Resolutions but constantly fail to succeed? So how can we increase our chances for success?

This post is for professionals with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive in life. Of course there are many more than 5 techniques to increase your chances of success in the new year but I’m giving you my top five.

My partners and I at Rock My Image like to call these five strategies, Getting In Tune. We outlined them in our book Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success. You can score a copy of our book on Amazon.com OR you can also tune in to the Audio Book on SoundCloud.

We’ve come to understand that most people don’t fail because lack of effort they fail because they didn’t get in tune with the end in mind first. Beginning with the end-in-mind is one of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. – Steven Covey

5 Steps for Getting In Tune & Amplifying Your New Year

I. Define Your Clear Objective:

Define the ultimate end result you seek to obtain. While this may seem painfully obvious, it is commonly overlooked and many people set goals that don’t actually contribute to what they really want.

Example: You may set a goal that you want to run a marathon, but you may really just want to get in shape. If you don’t truly have the desire to run a marathon then you probably won’t take the efforts to make it happen and may not achieve what was really important to you. In this instance you should create a different goal that better targets your clear objective.

II. Set Your BOLD Vision:

Set a vision for the midterm or long-term future that identifies what you want to achieve or accomplish and paints the picture in full detail.

Example: You may want to generate more money in the new year. Well how much money are you looking to earn? What do you plan to do with the money? What will you buy? What will you invest in? How will that make you feel? The better you can picture what you are aiming to achieve the better your chances are to achieving it. By envisioning your goals in detail you can evoke the law of attraction and measure the future actions you plan to take to ensure they are helping you move towards achieving your vision.

“Freedom Lies in Being BOLD!” – Robert Frost

III. Establish Your Inspired Mission:

When you have a large goal you’d like to accomplish it becomes imperative to identify the pathways to succeed in reaching that goal. By establishing your mission you are outlining the actions and efforts that you will commit to in order to achieve your goal.

Example: If you find you are too stressed out and not getting to enjoy your time, you would identify the actions and efforts you will commit to in order to make the needed changes. Efforts in your mission may be committing to listening to a podcast with regular strategies that may help save you time, investing in business systems that could empower you to save time or making meditation a regular ritual for yourself. While these efforts may take some time, if you want to achieve different results you must be willing to try and commit to new techniques.

IV. Understanding Reasoned Motivation:

Tapping into the energy that drives you forward is a must. Successful people are driven by having a greater understanding of their purpose and the bigger picture behind what they do. Taking the time to build value and drive for the big goals you seek to accomplish is vital for success.

Example: You create a goal to to spend more time with your family or travel. Having the general desire to do that is one thing but thinking about how that would make you feel, how that would make your significant other feel, how that would make your kids feel and how that would add true value in your life makes it much more powerful. Understand what your driver is and amplify it to get more power from it and you will greatly increase your chances of success.

V. Create an Action Plan:

Your action plan is the steps and actions that you will take, prioritized in a timeline complete with milestones, rewards, and consequences for completing your goals. For those who aim to succeed you need a plan. Think of anybody who has ever achieved anything substantial, they had a plan to make it happen. When you set a plan and execute it you’re on the fast track to success. Even if your plan doesn’t work as intended, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and can then take corrective actions to reach the goal.

So there you have it. 5 Steps to Rapidly Amplify Your New Year!

BONUS TIP: Take the initial actions right now to put these five steps into action!


Personal Brand Checklist






What goals are you planning to achieve in the new year?

Harvard faculty club- 3 tips for living your bold vision

Three Tips for Living Your BOLD Vision – Harvard Faculty Club

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This speech is dedicated to the late Fred Williams III and was delivered to the Harvard Faculty Club‘s Business Expert Forum.

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There are two types of people in the world, those who wander aimlessly and then the very, very, very small percentage that choose and commit to living a BOLD vision.

My first BOLD Vision

The first bold vision I set out to achieve was in music. I wanted to be a professional rock star. Who wouldn’t want to be a rock star with the flashing lights, the booming bass and the adoring fans?

I found a passion in music throughout my youth and I made some progress in my music career. I recorded and sold original music, met some of the biggest performers in rock-and-roll and played an official after party for a Metallica concert.

Despite loving music, I always kept one foot in the “safe zone”, going to school while working a job. I was never “all in”.

Encountering those who are are “All In”

While playing in bands I met a lot of interesting characters, including the musician who influenced me the most, a singer named Fred Williams III. He was a rock star personified. He talked the talk, he walked the walk and he even had our band name tattooed on his neck! Fred may have a tough exterior, but inside he was all heart.

I’ll never forget one of the things Fred told me that had a deep impact on me. We were backstage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta and I asked him “Fred, do you have a backup plan in case this whole music thing doesn’t work out?” He looked at me with his soulful green eyes and said, “Kenny, This is my dream and I am living it. I don’t need a backup plan.” Fred followed his dream with all of his heart. He was “all in”. I really admired that about him.

In the following years, life happened and Fred and I fell out of contact. A little over a year ago, out of the blue, Fred dropped me a line on Facebook suggesting that we get together to catch up. But I was too busy to even respond. A few months later, Fred popped up in my mind and I felt an urgency to reach out to him. So I contacted him on Facebook and said “Hey there Fred. Hope all is well. Life is keeping me busy. Let’s get together soon. You know, it’s a still life without you.” A Still Life Without You was one of the songs we recorded together in the studio. The next day I checked on Facebook to see if he replied but instead of seeing a reply, I saw a bunch of goodbyes.

Fred passed away that evening. Time had passed and I missed my opportunity to reconnect. That hurt.

Fred and I were the same age. This guy that I admired, that lived his passion was gone way too soon.

It took two weeks for the shock to even start to fade and then BAM it hit me! This was a wake up call. What I realized was that I still wasn’t living a bold vision. I still had one foot in the safe zone. Right then and there, I decided that wasn’t good enough for me. I once wanted to be a professional rock star, now I strive to be a rockstar professional in marketing, because that is what I do.

Deciding what your Passion & Purpose is and going “All In”

At that point, my partners and I at Rock My Image decided it was time to be “all in” and we set out on a mission to define our bold vision and we outlined the plan to becoming true rockstar professionals. We even wrote a book on it.

Now we help other driven professionals like us become the go-to experts in their industries.

Right now I’m going to share with you the three simple steps you need to take to get started:

  1. Define Your Bold Vision – Clearly define a vision that challenges you, energizes you and makes a difference in your life and the life of others.
  2. Craft Your Story – Identify what makes you unique and what value you, and you alone, can provide.
  3. Share Your Message with the World – Ensure you have a personal brand that clearly communicates who you are, what you’re about and the purpose you serve.

Right now you are in the performance of your lifetime, it’s called your life. Make it count.

What is your BOLD Vision? What will you commit Your Life to achieving?

Personal Brand Checklist


CSX Toastmasters

Toastmasters DCP Progress Planner Tool

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Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people by providing opportunities for their members to develop communication and leadership skills.

This Google Spreadsheet tool was created for Club Leaders and Area Directors to track their progress of completing their defined DCP (Distinguished Club Program) goals in order to achieve the respective awards and recognition.

Benefits of the Toastmaster DCP Progress Planner Tool:

  • It’s easy to use and keep up to date
  • It’s in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere by multiple devices
  • It can monitor your club’s and member’s progress towards success

In Toastmasters, clubs are encouraged to achieve a certain level of goals each fiscal year. These goals are aimed to keep the clubs healthy and successful which ultimately benefits the members. Clubs need to achieve at least five goals to be recognized as Distinguished, seven to be recognized as Select Distinguished and nine to be recognized as President’s Distinguished.

Toastmasters International does provide reports online for clubs to track their progress towards completing their goals. The challenge is, there is not an easy way to track and monitor the percentage of the progress of the goals that have not already been completed.

Example: A goal for a club may be for a member to achieve an Advanced Communicator Award. The online reporting will show when the goal is completed but will not show the progress towards completing the goal or when it is expected to be completed.

The DCP Planner Tool provides two Tabs & Functions that can help Strategically Plan Goals and Track Their Completion.

  1. The Club Planner Tab – This outlines each DCP goal and lets the user fill in details on who will complete the goal and when it is expected to be completed.
  2. The Member Planner Tab – This can be filled out with the club members and track the progress of where each member is in their progress of achieving certain goals so that progress can be monitored and leveraged for strategic planning.

Area Directors can provide the DCP Planner Tool to their club’s club officers to empower their club officers and so that they have a way to track the progression of completion of DCP goals.

Club Officers can use the DCP Planner Tool to strategically plan out their DCP goals and monitor their club’s overall progress. The club officers may also choose to share the Member Tracker Tool with their club members to help their members plan and track progress on their individual goals.

An Overview of the DCP Progress Planner:

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Kenny Harper-Positive Fix Guest

Positive Fix Guest

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