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Content is king when it is good content

Marketing Content is King…When it is Good Content. Bad Content Wears No Crown

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In this article Kenny Harper discusses the difference between value-adding and unnecessary content. He demonstrates the benefits of providing meaningful content and leaves you with questions to ask yourself that will put you on the path to creating entertaining and results oriented content for your audience.

 Serve your people

 They say content is king but is it really king? Well it’s King if it serves people, if it really is getting people to take the desired actions you want them to but just putting out content for the sake of it isn’t helping. I’ve seen a lot of people waste a lot of time saying ‘I’m going to create a blog,’ then they make all of these blogs but don’t get much traffic and are left scratching their head. Sometimes they get on social media or create a lot of posts but then don’t get the traffic they want.

 Why do you think that is?

 Many times it is because they didn’t create content that was valuable to the audience for which they were aiming. Or they didn’t market their content to be put in front of people.

 You Must Market Your Content

 If a blog post is written in the forest does anyone read it? Well it’s kind of the same concept as the tree falling in the forest… you get my point. So if you write a blog post but then don’t promote and share it, people may not ever know it’s there. You’ve got to let people know it’s there!

 But First It Has To Do 1 of 2 Things…

 Before you even write, you need to make sure it’s going to serve a purpose. It needs to serve and communicate to your target audience and provide some sort of value. It’s either going to give them pleasure and help them get closer to pleasure or it’s going to move them away from pain and resolve an issue they have. You can give them some sort of information to do one of those two things. You may say “what if you’re just trying to be funny or entertaining” well that’s going to give pleasure. “Well what if you’re giving information that’s going to help someone solve a problem?”… Yeah there we go! It’s either pleasure or pain, that’s what drives people’s behaviors.

 Strategy For Creating Effective Content

 Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

 Think about who you’re connecting with, what they’re seeking or trying to move away from and then create content that’s going to help them do one of those two things. You can do this and if you need some ideas you can always go to your benchmarks or competitors and see what they’re talking about. Go to popular websites that have a lot of content, see what content pieces are getting the most comments or shares and then write some content that shares YOUR particular insights on that topic.

 You don’t have to write anything so complicated or revolutionary that it becomes very challenging to write. In fact, people are coming to you because you have knowledge of a particular subject. Now you can give out expert high-level content and you’re going to attract people that probably know as much if not more than you do about your topic. But if you’re trying to serve a particular level of people then you want to speak at a lower level, not a bad level but a level that’s helping to serve the people that are looking for the information you are providing.

 For Example:

 If you are a financial advisor you don’t need to come up with crazy complicated, high-level financial advisor blog posts that are going to be over most people’s heads. You can create simple blog posts that speak to the average Joe because what may be basic to you as a financial advisor, may be very valuable information for someone in the general public who is looking for baseline advice.

 Ideas to Brainstorm for your Content Strategy

 4 Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. What are common questions that your target audiences asks you?
  2. What are questions that you answer on a regular basis?
  3. What ideas or perspectives are unique to you?
  4. Do you have your own stance on a topic?

 Communicate these things. Personally I like doing a nice laundry list of different ideas and topics that I could potentially turn into videos or blog posts. From there I simply record and produce them. After they’ve been prioritized I work towards optimizing.

 Making it easy

 If you try to make it too complicated you’re going to have trouble getting it done. So go easy on yourself, make the commitment to get it finished and start implementing your content strategy today! For now good is good enough, let’s get started!

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Email marketing to amplify your personal brand

Email Marketing Amplifies Your Personal Branding

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Discover the power of emails and the benefits of taking your email marketing to the next level. Learn how to easily send different emails according to your audience’s individual personality personas and evaluate your organization’s current email marketing effectiveness by asking yourself these 6 questions.

 Emails. They can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there and you have a lot of people vouching for them. Now while social media may be flashy, interesting and get a lot of buzz, and some social media influencers get a lot of attention, email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can get in front of people.

 Email is where people go to work

Social media is where people go to avoid work

 Most of the time email goes directly to your audience’s inbox but you can use some different marketing strategies to simplify your emails allowing you to increase the chance of them going to your subscriber’s priority inbox.

 With social media unless people are on the channel or looking right then, they may miss your post and your message is a blip and a notion. It should still be part of your marketing arsenal but remember email marketing is even more powerful. When you take your messaging a step further you can be sure of the fact that your email list will grow if you connect with people. When people opt-in for information from your website or information from your social media channels, you are able to put them into your list and segment your list into separate interests, demographics, and psychographics. From there you are able send out different messaging that will be directly in response to that particular person.

 Let’s get automated

 With automated marketing you can use behavioral marketing which is really cool! This means you can send emails to people depending on which actions they take. So when people visit your website, or certain pages on your website, if they haven’t visited your website in a while, when they fill out certain forms or maybe they do a combination of different things; you can send out specified emails or even a series of emails that effectively communicate your message to the individual according to the personality persona that they have. That’s why emails can be so powerful. Most people don’t know how to fully leverage them and their total potential. As rock star professionals we ensure that we invest in our own knowledge and expertise in order to play every ace and really be effective when it comes to marketing.

 Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Email Marketing

  1. Where are you at with your emails?
  2. Do you have list?
  3. Is it segmented?
  4. Are you using it?
  5. Are you getting results?
  6. Are you doing behavioral marketing?

 Take Action

 If you’re not doing everything it’s time to assess what you are doing. If you’re not playing every ace you could be doing something more. By becoming more efficient with your marketing you can get better results through time.

 If you’d like an assessment of your email marketing or a list of tools and strategies that can be used for your email marketing I am happy to provide it for you. I invite you to visit my website at kennyharper.rocks and have an awesome day!

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The importance of style and image in personal branding

Style & Image Are Important In Personal Branding

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In this article Kenny Harper talks about the importance of your style in communicating your personal brand. He gives examples of options you can choose from depending on the message you are looking to communicate. Kenny shares his experience with discovering an effective personal brand style and leaves you with steps to consider when determining your own.

 The Impact Of Your Brand Style On Communication

 The importance of brand style. Your brand style can communicate a lot. It can communicate the style that you have on your collateral or your tools such as: your website, newsletter and social media accounts as well as the different promotional items that you hand out. It can also be the style that you have yourself, the style that you have portraying who you are, what you do, and the purpose you serve.

 Options To Consider When Choosing Your Brand Style

 Now some people like to dress up really corporate and professional. You might wear a suit slacks or tie. If you are a woman, you might also wear a suit, a nice dress or slacks. Guys I guess could wear a dress too, it really depends on who you are and your background. Some people dress very professional while others dress more casual.

 Dressing casual could mean wearing flip-flops on a stage or jeans, shorts, and a t-shirt. Really it depends on you and what you’re trying to portray. But know that how you dress and how you look portrays something about who you are, and it’s going to communicate something to different people.

 My Experience With Style & Image Relating To Personal Brand

 Some people have said to me, “Hey Kenny you seem to wear jeans, a dress shirt and sometimes a sports jacket. Are jeans professional?”

 For me this works. My company is Rock My Image, I help produce Rockstar Professionals. If I dress up in a really high pressed suit and am way fancy, I’m going to be dis-congruent with my message. On the other hand if I’m dressed up in leather pants and spikes maybe I’m not portraying the message that I would like to either because I do have a business professional side that is really at my core. I do like music, having fun, and being energetic but I am also very serious when it comes down to business, business growth and strategic thinking. So I need to have the marriage of both worlds.

 Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, you may dress to the occasion. But make sure that you’re dressing in a way that sticks out and really communicates who you are, what you’re about and the purpose that you serve.

 You want to be consistent with your brand messaging. So how would you dress?

 I had the opportunity to work with a mermaid as a fashion consultant and she took me around and showed me some different things to consider on how I could dress for different occasions. I had never hired a fashion consultant before but it’s actually kind of cool. It was a fun experience and I learned some different things about how clothes fit me that I did not previously realize. For example, i’m very tall, I’m long, and I stretch, so some clothes fit me better than others.

 Take Action

 If you haven’t hired a fashion consultant, maybe you should consider looking into it. Even if just for fun or for the experience. It might be eye-opening but I would certainly expect it to be enjoyable. Consider also wearing clothes that have your branded colors. If your branded colors have a lot of teal, try incorporating teal into your outfits creating consistency amongst your branded colors and your wardrobe.

 Have fun with it. Show a little bit of personality. Don’t wear a gray suit all the time or always wear that safe dress. Show some flair. Have fun with it. But again be authentic to yourself. Rock on!

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Amplify your business marketing book and free sample

Amplify Your Business – Marketing Book Free Sample

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For Those About to Rock, I salute you!

Awesome! Fill out the form for your FREE chapter of Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success.

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Kenny Harper

Kenny Harper - Professional Speaker & Author

Business of Being a Brand Guide

Amplify Your Business - A Rockstar Professional's Guide to Marketing Success
Free Personal Brand Guide Download

Free Personal Brand Guide Download

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Podcast for entrepreneurial success

Podcast for Entrepreneurial Success

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Positive Fix is my Podcast for empowering entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive in life by leveraging their unique gifts, following their passion and serving a higher purpose.

The podcast aims to feature inspiration and insights with actions and clear direction in each session.

Listen On Sound Cloud »

Guests are requested to contribute a key insight or strategy and an actionable item to implement in one of the following areas:

  • Mindset / Mind Power (for entrepreneurs)
  • Personal Branding
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business Growth
  • Entrepreneurship

Typical sessions may last 10 – 15 minutes and flow as follows:

  • Introduction of Guest
  • Introduction of Topic / Objective
  • Presentation of Topic
  • General Discussion About Topic / Questions
  • Call to Action
  • Sign Off

Sessions may be recorded via audio, video and may be re-purposed in various media including blog posts, pdf downloads or mini-books.

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The ultimate blueprint for marketing and sales success

The Ultimate Blueprint for Marketing and Sales Success

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My partners and I at Rock My Image have spent the past several years developing a system that we could turn into a game changer product by empowering entrepreneurs to thrive in life using their unique gifts, following their passion and serving a bigger purpose. Following this system we’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients and now we are unleashing this system for aspiring rockstar professionals.

Rockstar Professionals are those business owners and entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive in life using their unique gifts, while following their true passion and serving a higher purpose. When it comes to becoming a Rockstar Professional, there are two types of people in the world: those that wander around aimlessly and the very, very, very few that choose and commit to living a BOLD Vision. At Rock My Image we encourage you to boldly follow your dream. Your life is what you make of it. If you won’t make your dream happen, who will? If not now, when? You are in the performance of your lifetime right now… make it count!

Our Ultimate Marketing & Sales blueprint falls right in line with our 3 part book series:

  1. Amplify Your Business
  2. Boost Your Business
  3. Rock Your Business

We are stoked to have developed this proven system and excited to be offering it to the masses.

Our Full System Goes Through 5 Key Stages:

  1. Setting the Stage
  2. Producing Your Brand
  3. Designing Your M.A.P.
  4. Amplifying Your Business
  5. Rocking Your Authority

Each stage targets a problem and delivers on a promise.

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Harvard faculty club- 3 tips for living your bold vision

Three Tips for Living Your BOLD Vision – Harvard Faculty Club

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This speech is dedicated to the late Fred Williams III and was delivered to the Harvard Faculty Club‘s Business Expert Forum.

Claim Your Stage:

There are two types of people in the world, those who wander aimlessly and then the very, very, very small percentage that choose and commit to living a BOLD vision.

My first BOLD Vision

The first bold vision I set out to achieve was in music. I wanted to be a professional rock star. Who wouldn’t want to be a rock star with the flashing lights, the booming bass and the adoring fans?

I found a passion in music throughout my youth and I made some progress in my music career. I recorded and sold original music, met some of the biggest performers in rock-and-roll and played an official after party for a Metallica concert.

Despite loving music, I always kept one foot in the “safe zone”, going to school while working a job. I was never “all in”.

Encountering those who are are “All In”

While playing in bands I met a lot of interesting characters, including the musician who influenced me the most, a singer named Fred Williams III. He was a rock star personified. He talked the talk, he walked the walk and he even had our band name tattooed on his neck! Fred may have a tough exterior, but inside he was all heart.

I’ll never forget one of the things Fred told me that had a deep impact on me. We were backstage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta and I asked him “Fred, do you have a backup plan in case this whole music thing doesn’t work out?” He looked at me with his soulful green eyes and said, “Kenny, This is my dream and I am living it. I don’t need a backup plan.” Fred followed his dream with all of his heart. He was “all in”. I really admired that about him.

In the following years, life happened and Fred and I fell out of contact. A little over a year ago, out of the blue, Fred dropped me a line on Facebook suggesting that we get together to catch up. But I was too busy to even respond. A few months later, Fred popped up in my mind and I felt an urgency to reach out to him. So I contacted him on Facebook and said “Hey there Fred. Hope all is well. Life is keeping me busy. Let’s get together soon. You know, it’s a still life without you.” A Still Life Without You was one of the songs we recorded together in the studio. The next day I checked on Facebook to see if he replied but instead of seeing a reply, I saw a bunch of goodbyes.

Fred passed away that evening. Time had passed and I missed my opportunity to reconnect. That hurt.

Fred and I were the same age. This guy that I admired, that lived his passion was gone way too soon.

It took two weeks for the shock to even start to fade and then BAM it hit me! This was a wake up call. What I realized was that I still wasn’t living a bold vision. I still had one foot in the safe zone. Right then and there, I decided that wasn’t good enough for me. I once wanted to be a professional rock star, now I strive to be a rockstar professional in marketing, because that is what I do.

Deciding what your Passion & Purpose is and going “All In”

At that point, my partners and I at Rock My Image decided it was time to be “all in” and we set out on a mission to define our bold vision and we outlined the plan to becoming true rockstar professionals. We even wrote a book on it.

Now we help other driven professionals like us become the go-to experts in their industries.

Right now I’m going to share with you the three simple steps you need to take to get started:

  1. Define Your Bold Vision – Clearly define a vision that challenges you, energizes you and makes a difference in your life and the life of others.
  2. Craft Your Story – Identify what makes you unique and what value you, and you alone, can provide.
  3. Share Your Message with the World – Ensure you have a personal brand that clearly communicates who you are, what you’re about and the purpose you serve.

Right now you are in the performance of your lifetime, it’s called your life. Make it count.

What is your BOLD Vision? What will you commit Your Life to achieving?

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National Speakers Association- find your tribe

National Speakers Association – Find Your Tribe

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In 2016, I attended my first NSA (National Speakers Association) event in Phoenix, Arizona. The NSA is a professional speakers’ organization that supports the pursuit of public speaking as a business. Rockstar Professional and international speaker, Pegine Echevarria, had recommend that my business partner, Jen DeVore, and I attend as we had shared with her our intent to take our message around the world to a larger audience. I’m glad we took her advice.

Quick re-cap of my experience at NSA’s Influence 2016:

I did not know what to expect when I attended. My fears were that I’d spend a couple grand and find myself in the same spot after the event minus the two grand investment. However I was delighted to have found my tribe. The NSA is full of speakers of all different backgrounds, experience levels and personalities that are welcoming, inspiring and encouraging. I made many amazing contacts, my professional perspective shifted and I developed relationships with people who shared a similar passion about getting their message out to the world. I highly recommend this organization to anybody looking to increase their influence or pursue a career in speaking.

Keep in mind, like anything else you get out what you put in, so if you’re not going to put in the effort, a membership alone won’t do anything for you. The same goes for other organizations. Go “all in” in order to leverage the membership to it’s full extent.

Who is the NSA for?

If you are a speaker or an aspiring Rockstar Professional looking to build your influence and authority in your industry, you may want to consider the NSA. They have the connections, tools, training and experience to help save you time and get better results in professional speaking.

How can the NSA help you or your business?

You can save a lot of time, energy and money buy learning from people who have already learned the steps to take to succeed in the profession. By reading their materials, watching their videos and connecting with their members you will elevate your business and reach new levels of success.

What about Toastmasters International?

If you’re familiar with my background than you know that I’m a Toastmasters advocate. Toastmasters helps people develop their communication and leadership skills and it is a great organization to learn the basics. When you’re ready to take the next step and become a paid professional speaker, the NSA gives you more insights focused on leveraging your speaking abilities for business and monetization.

Is an NSA Membership really worth the investment?

The National Speakers Association has many different levels of membership. They have a national membership and they also have local chapter membership as well as different levels depending on your experience. If you can’t earn a positive ROI in your investment through time, then you are honestly not trying. It is not hard to do if you focus and really apply yourself. Business professionals can increase the money they make and their business as well by rising their influence.

Tip: When considering investing in something, try thinking, “What is the cost of not investing?”.

How do I join the NSA?

Visit NSA.org and sign up to the level that best fits you. If there is a chapter close to your city, I highly recommend getting involved with it. Just make sure you’re ready to take the step and get involved. Again if you don’t commit to it, it won’t do anything for you. If you’re looking to improve your speaking skills but not yet ready to get involved with a speakers association, check out Toastmasters International, it’s great practice and less financial commitment.

Pics from NSA’s Influence 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona

Does the National Speakers Association sound like it could be your tribe? How would this help you achieve your BOLD Vision?

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Think Like a Rock Star – Book Review

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Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier shows you how to connect and engage with customers both online and offline to create a truly fan-centric brand using case studies of rock stars including: Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash and Lady Gaga. I recommend checking out this book. You can pick up a copy on Amazon.

Think Like a Rock Star is a great read and compliments Rock My Image’s book, Amplify Your Business. You may be wondering if this is where we came up with the Rockstar Professional concept. To be clear, RMI was already going down the rock-n-roll road when we discovered this book as well as many other books, products and speakers that use the rock theme. RMI was initially inspired by a song called Rock Star Baby from one of my old bands.

Review of Think Like a Rock Star

Think Like a Rock Star’s main idea is that you should aim to cultivate and engage fans versus simply acquiring and serving customers. Fans become fans because they actually like and relate to the artist that they follow. Companies can do this but they must be willing to take some risks and speak directly to their audience with a clear message that connects with them rather than trying to please everybody. Brands such as Macintosh, Harley Davidson, Red-Bull or Armani have created brands that have produced fans and communities. Fans that are engaged can become promoters, advocates and in some cases evangelists for the brands they like. Companies can utilize this to it’s advantage but they must go about it the right way.

Book Overview:

Part 1) The Four Reasons Rock Stars have Fans and Your Company has Customers

  1. Rock Stars are fans themselves
  2. Rock Stars look for ways to shift control to their fans
  3. Rock Stars find the bigger idea behind the music they create
  4. Rock Stars embrace and empower their fans

Part 2) Understanding and connecting with your fans

Doesn’t it make sense to understand who your fans are and what they want. Companies forget the basics sometimes and are more concerned about sales. Rock Stars know that if you create fans, sales will follow.

Part 3) Building a Fan-Centric Company

Knowing the information is one thing but infusing the ideas in your company is another. This section gives strategies for how you can practically incorporate these concepts and the strategies to do it.

Overall Review

Overall I found the book insightful and refreshing. I really enjoyed the back stories of the different performers and the peak behind the scenes of some companies that have used influencer marketing or brand evangelists. At Rock My Image we totally subscribe to this logic of creating fans. We believe people should live their values, follow their passion and attract others through their message. Do this the right way and people are attracted to you because of the value you provide. Engage with them,  show them true appreciation and you can create fans.

A Professional Rock Star is a famous musician or performer. A Rockstar Professional is a business owner or entrepreneur that has the right attitude, expertise and drive to live their bold vision.

What are some actions you take in order to cultivate Fans?

Business of Being a Brand Guide