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Create a Community for Your Brand- Its all About the Audience

Create a Community for Your Brand- Its All About the Audience

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In this article Kenny Harper illustrates the importance of building a relationship with your audience before inviting them to anything you offer. He relates the online relationship to a new party where you must have a few interactions with people before they really begin to trust you. Kenny will leave you with tips for establishing these relationships in the online realm.

 Relationships are Two-Sided

 Building a branded community. What is this? Well the audience that you attract may come to you, look at your web page, come to your social media profiles; comment on, like, tweet or  share your pages. They may interact with you but are you interacting with them? That’s an important part. To really be the rock star you need to connect with your audience, let them know that you care that they are there and appreciate their support, this allows you to form deeper relationships.

 “It takes too much time..”

 Indeed it can be very time consuming to try to interact everybody all the time on social media, it’s a non-stop party online but you can take a little bit of time here and there to go through and respond people that have responded to you.

 Try This:

  • Ask them questions
  • Provide answers
  • Thank them for sharing & getting involved

 This will help you get to know your audience and begin to build and establish relationships.

 Nobody Likes a Person Who Only Talks About Themselves

 I see a lot of people missing the mark when it comes to online social media and in person marketing for that matter, people go to an event or they’ll go online into a group and post something that is self-serving and then wonder why nobody’s responding. It’s because people don’t know who they are. It’s so important to take the time to establish those relationships, let people know:

 “Hey it’s nice to meet you! That’s really important information that you shared! Here’s also something that you were asking about, let me provide some value!”

 “Hey Sally I think you did an amazing job, congratulations on your accomplishment!”

 Having some dialogue, establishing your community, having the interaction; that’s how you’re really going to create the difference between just putting content out there and actually building something of value. You see people who are rocking it and know how to do this, they’re leveraging the relationship because they’ve paid attention.

 For New Results Try a New Approach

 I’ll admit in the past I’ve gotten so busy trying to be focused on work and getting stuff done that I missed some of the important part of actually taking the time to connect and build a relationship. I may have done this if I was face-to-face but sometimes online it seemed a little disconnecting. Here’s the cool thing you can always change your habits and start taking new actions right now!

 If you’re looking for new results you’ve got to take new actions. If you’re going to do the same old actions, you’re always going to get the same old results. If we’re looking to elevate we’ve got to grow by taking new actions!

 Come Up With a Simple Strategy

 Establish your community, start small maybe pick a couple Facebook or LinkedIn groups, snapchat or whatever it is you’re doing and interact with the little community. Build some rapport and once they know who you are, maybe come up to them in the next party (online). Slowly through time invite them to interact with you, tune into your frequency, subscribe to your newsletter, watch your videos or come to your webinar and events etc. BUT you’ve got to build that initial relationship. It’s critical.

 Strive For Genuine

 If you come off snooty and don’t connect with people then they’re not going to want to connect with you, bottom line. Or if they do and you’re in a place of such high status that they’re coming to you even when you’re being snooty, then they probably just want something from you and it’s not a genuine connection. So really connect with people, be authentic and establish real relationships.

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Free Personal Brand Guide Download

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Business Expert Forum and Free Book Sample

Thought Leaders – Harvard Faculty Club – Business Expert Forum Book Sample

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Thought Leaders - Business Expert Forum - Harvard Faculty Club
Authority Marketing Strategies for Public Relations

Authority Marketing Strategies for Public Relations

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Rockstar professionals earn celebrity status and one of the most effective ways to do this is to leverage public relations. Public relations is the key to getting exposure and being positioned as an authority in your industry. When someone looks at you and your competitors and you are featured in magazines, press releases or interviews and they aren’t who will look more credible? You! Because you have claimed your stage and are the rockstar professional. Below are 8 tips for leveraging PR to build your brand and elevate your status.

  1. Target local news outlets. Across television, newspapers, radio and even magazines, identify the top 5 journalists in your niche and align your expertise to what is already happening in the news.
  2. Develop a Press Kit to present a professional image to producers and journalists looking to cover you in their publications or programs.
  3. Connect your expertise or message to a relevant, timely event or topic that is generating publicity already.
  4. Repurpose your expertise into a 2-page magazine article to submit to trade journals, alumni publications, or regional newspapers as a magazine advertorial.
  5. Take advantage of affinity magazines such as alumni publications or magazines geared toward clubs and organizations in your target market.
  6. Host a book signing or launch event to generate press and business around your book. Capture photos from “Evening with the Author”.
  7. Solicit Amazon book reviews from trusted clients and friends. This will give you a head start when trying to generate publicity.
  8. Create a 30-minute radio interview to place in local talk radio programs or a podcast.

Choose the PR strategy for you and take action! Which PR action will you take?

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Top 8 marketing strategies for lead generation

Top 8 Authority Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

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Rockstar Professionals leverage authority marketing and understand the importance of acquiring leads. You need leads to nurture into potential customers so you can serve them and grow your business. In order to generate leads, you need a strategy. Below are 8 strategies you can use to generate leads into your business. As an authority you should get use to being an author. The lead generation ideas stem from thought leadership. Kind of funny when you think about it. Leadership generates leads.

  1. Ensure that all of your current marketing campaigns include valuable content. All offers incorporate this free content as the ‘bait’ to get prospects to contact you.
  2. Develop a simple white paper or ebook that can be used as a giveaway in return for contact information on your website.
  3. Promote a free ebook giveaway on your website in return for contact information that allows you to follow up with those prospects.
  4. Create additional resources like quizzes, questionnaires, or videos available online or by calling your office that give readers a compelling reason to reach out to you for additional value.
  5. Build an ebook Landing Page to drive prospects to request a free copy of your book in exchange for their contact information.
  6. Offer an Online Course that incorporates additional content and presents another sale opportunity for your clients and prospects.
  7. Identify your specific sales process and the calls to action for prospects to take along the way.
  8. Put together a ‘toolkit’ as an intermediate product between selling a book and becoming a client. This could include resources, samples documents and culminate in a short review session with you.

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The ultimate blueprint for marketing and sales success

The Ultimate Blueprint for Marketing and Sales Success

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My partners and I at Rock My Image have spent the past several years developing a system that we could turn into a game changer product by empowering entrepreneurs to thrive in life using their unique gifts, following their passion and serving a bigger purpose. Following this system we’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients and now we are unleashing this system for aspiring rockstar professionals.

Rockstar Professionals are those business owners and entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive in life using their unique gifts, while following their true passion and serving a higher purpose. When it comes to becoming a Rockstar Professional, there are two types of people in the world: those that wander around aimlessly and the very, very, very few that choose and commit to living a BOLD Vision. At Rock My Image we encourage you to boldly follow your dream. Your life is what you make of it. If you won’t make your dream happen, who will? If not now, when? You are in the performance of your lifetime right now… make it count!

Our Ultimate Marketing & Sales blueprint falls right in line with our 3 part book series:

  1. Amplify Your Business
  2. Boost Your Business
  3. Rock Your Business

We are stoked to have developed this proven system and excited to be offering it to the masses.

Our Full System Goes Through 5 Key Stages:

  1. Setting the Stage
  2. Producing Your Brand
  3. Designing Your M.A.P.
  4. Amplifying Your Business
  5. Rocking Your Authority

Each stage targets a problem and delivers on a promise.

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claim my stage personal branding and authority marketing workshop

Claim My Stage – Personal Branding & Authority Marketing Workshop

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What is Claim My Stage?

Claim My Stage is a signature Personal Branding & Authority Marketing Workshop developed by Rock My Image for entrepreneurs and rockstar professionals looking to build their personal brand as an industry expert, leverage their expertise into workshops or online classes, and/or share their knowledge as a speaker and/or author.

Claim My Stage is a fun, interactive and lively event to inspire & motivate you to claim your stage as a Rockstar Professional (RP)!

Attendees leave armed with the insight and tools they need to elevate their status as an industry expert and dominate their competition at marketing.

Why Claim My Stage?

My partners at Rock My Image and I believe that people should claim their stage in life. We believe people should aim to live the life they truly desire. In this modern world if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you will have an advantage if you develop a strong personal brand that resonates your who you are, what you do and the goals you aim to achieve.

The Claim My Stage workshop highlights clear strategies towards improving your personal brand and actions to take to define and live a BOLD Vision.

Claim My Stage Workshop Reviews:

“You totally rocked the workshop yesterday. I was blown away! I learned so much and implemented so many new ideas.” – Marcia K.

“I am crystal clear about my “why”. I have been “blocked” with all of these things for months and now they just came out. How is that for a productive day? You really helped me. Thank you so much. Cheers!” – Debra D.

“Powerful presentation!” – Doug W.

Interested in Personal Branding or Authority Marketing and looking for more info?

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Top professional mastermind for entrepreneurs and rockstar professionals

Top Professional Mastermind for Entrepreneurs & Rockstar Professionals

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If you’re interested in learning about the Top Professional Mastermind for Rockstar Professionals then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the home of RPM, The Rockstar Professional Mastermind is a mastermind for the passionate entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to become true rockstar professionals.

Masterminds are Used by the Pros

When I started to think bigger and hang around a new level of successful people I continued to come across the concept of a mastermind. A group that has members of high caliber that work together as a think tank and accountability partners, I was very intrigued. I had read about masterminds in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich but never really gave it too much thought. During an Authority Marketing video conference I hosted, one of my guests who was a successful entrepreneur mentioned the biggest piece of advice she could offer would be to join a mastermind. Through the next few months I had the opportunity to attend several different masterminds. 12 Mavens, C12 and the mastermind of the Harvard Faculty Club and while those masterminds were very powerful… they did not have the focus and minds that I was looking to connect with so I decided to build my own and worked with my partners at Rock My Image to do so.

The RPM Mastermind

Our mastermind RPM or the Rockstar Professional Mastermind is geared for the professionals that aim to build their personal brands and leverage authority marketing to live a BOLD Vision. Those who authentically fly their own flag, call their own shots and have fun doing it. Our curriculum for the mastermind follows our book Amplify Your Business and our authority marketing principals outlined in our information product Ensemble. We developed an in person mastermind which is the most powerful when practical and a virtual mastermind which is the next best thing if logistics is an issue.

Three Powerful Benefits of Joining a Mastermind

  1. Additional Perspectives and Insights – When you get like minded people together with a similar focus you have the benefit that the members are most likely familiar enough with your industry to understand it and can also add additional perspectives and insights on the matter that you will not be able to see being in the middle of your project. Your fellow mastermind members can help you save time and money or offer new solutions to challenges.
  2. Accountability – Most people get in their own way by getting side tracked, procrastinating or completely just not doing what they are suppose to do. Most of us are not very good and holding ourselves accountable… It’s really hard to hold ourselves accountable because we can easily fool ourselves to talk ourselves out of just about anything. A strong mastermind group can help ensure that you are producing results or held accountable for not producing results. This is key if you really want to make progress.
  3. Synergistic Thinking – Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more parts to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Synergistic thinking is magical, it can help you think leaps and bounds beyond what you may have been able to come up with on your own. When creative thinking or problem solving is needed there is almost no better substitute than a collaborative effort of like minded minds in the same frequency.

Is a Mastermind Worth an Investment?

When I first heard about some of the costs associated with a mastermind, I must admit, I didn’t get it. I had a small mindset focused on the loss of the money I would have to give to participate. For the first half of my professional career I had this mindset. Through time I tended to notice that some of the most successful people invest in themselves. They believe that not only is the investment relatively small in the scheme of things but more importantly they believe in their own capabilities enough to know that they can increase their investment multiple times by increasing their knowledge and insights. After changing my perspective I started investing in training, conferences and coaching and these investments took root and changed my life. If you are a passionate entrepreneur, I highly recommend checking out a mastermind. If you’re looking one aimed for Rockstar Professionals, be sure to check out RPM. Regardless of your choice in masterminds, continue to invest in yourself to increase your earning capabilities, if you don’t see that you will easily be able to get a positive return on investment you must work on expanding your vision and belief system.

What do you think of Masterminds? Do you have any you like?

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The 9 pillars of authority marketing

The 9 Pillars of Authority Marketing

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Authority Marketing is the focus of marketing that positions one as the expert in their industry and differentiates them from their competitors. This form of marketing is sort of an extension of personal branding. Your personal brand should reflect who you are, what you’re about and the purpose you serve. And in doing so attract your desired audience and connections. Authority marketing strengthens this effect by not only ensuring your brand reflects who you are but it also elevates your positioning that will distinguish you in your industry and raise your influence among others.

Rock My Image is an authority marketing agency aimed to produce Rockstar Professionals by working with entrepreneurs with the right attitude, expertise and drive to do what it takes to live their BOLD Vision.

The 9 Pillars of Authority Marketing

  • Expert Brand Positioning – In order to be perceived as an expert, you need to be positioned as an expert. This should be an authentic effort, you really need to be an expert in your industry.
  • Content Marketing – By creating valuable content, you can provide value to your audience while positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  • Lead Generation – Being seen as an authority is great but you still need to acquire leads to take advantage of the positioning. Develop a system to collect information from potential prospects and then nurture the leads to get them to take the desired action.
  • Public Speaking – Speaking whether in person or online is perhaps one of the most powerful practices to develop your authority. It lets your audience experience your thoughts as well as your personality and style.
  • Book Authorship – Writing a book is a great way to document your thoughts and share your thoughts and perspective. A book can be an excellent sales tool.
  • Referral Marketing – They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. There is some truth to that. By being connected to the right people you can get better opportunities, easier, with less money.
  • Publicity – Leveraging public relations will get your message in front of your audience with high positioning. This will keep you top of mind and elevate your status.
  • Event Marketing – Participating in events gives you the opportunity to interact with people and make connections. It shows that you are happening.
  • Principles – Perhaps one of the most important pillars is your principles and values. Those who are being deceitful or misleading will eventually get found out. In order to really get the best results from authority marketing your message, your image and your marketing should all be authentic. Live with integrity, honesty and sincerity and the other values that are important to you and this will help you be a true Rockstar Professional.

Improving Your Pillars of Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing has a lot of components and it can be a challenge to tackle without a plan. Before you start marketing away, you need to have a strategic plan. Before you have a strategic plan, you need to assess where you’re at to see where you need to put your focus.

Which of the 9 pillars of authority marketing do you need to work on?

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