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Use a Branded Email to Represent Yourself

Use A Branded Email Address To Represent Yourself

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In this article Kenny Harper demonstrates the value of having a branded email address as well as the ramifications if you don’t.

Establish Credibility

Having a branded email address differentiates you just a little bit but the one thing it really does is makes you look more credible. If you’re using gmail, hotmail, or yahoo (if you if you’re using yahoo in particular you should really question yourself because they’ve been hacked so many times at this point), you should consider switching. It’s not bad to use those email providers, some people prefer them but if you’re going to market yourself, use your branded email address. It will look like your name at your company name or your brand name .com, .net, .us, .biz, whatever you have.

Lack of a Branded Email Address Puts Up an Orange Flag

When I see somebody has a domain or email address that’s not branded, I start scratching my head and wonder how long they’ve been in business. Most businesses that I’ve seen have branded email addresses. When I see someone that doesn’t have a branded email address it puts up an orange flag. Don’t put orange flags up for your prospects or your customers, market yourself professionally, let that email brand you even further.

Making It Easy

Have an email address that includes your company name or your brand name. It’s easy to do, you can have it forwarded to your other email addresses and if you really just want to use your other email addresses you can do that for you communications. I suggest finding a way to use google apps or Microsoft to correspond with your branded email address. I personally use google apps for business, now called G sweet which lets me use my branded email address using gmail’s platform.

Take Action

If you haven’t already done this and you have an @gmail, @yahoo etc., make sure you take the time and energy to really put your best foot forward by getting a branded email address. Go ahead and do this today!


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Are Business Cards Relevant Anymore- Not Really...Well Yes!

Are Business Cards Relevant Anymore? Not Really…Well Yes

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In this article Kenny Harper discusses the necessity of business cards and how while they seem less relevant, they are not necessarily a thing of the past.

 Keep it Old School

 Business cards. Should you have a business card? Now some of the younger generations say,

 “Hey we don’t need business cards we have smart phones and social media.”

 I am starting to tune into that. It makes sense rather than continually exchanging all of these little cards back and forth which typically I just type or scan into my social media account. So why are we doing that? Do we really need a business card? That’s the question.

 I’m going to say yes, go ahead and have one. It doesn’t mean you’re always going to use it, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the number one thing you use to market yourself. Actually the majority of the time you can get by without it but have you ever run out of cell phone battery or had bad internet connection in a hotel or when you’re out about? It happens and it’s goofy when you think you’re looking professional but have to say,

 “Oh I can’t really connect with you right now because my connection isn’t working, let me write down my name on this scrappy piece of paper using this pen that doesn’t write very well.”

 That’s not very professional so let’s go old school, let’s just have a business card and make it look really good.

 Making it Look Good

 Have your brand colors, have your fonts, it’s a piece of design artwork. It’s a little thing that you can actually give to somebody, that they can tangibly have and it gives a sense of who you are, what you’re about, and the purpose you serve. So I recommend having a business card and keeping some with you, you never know when you might use it. If you choose to just go social and only do internet technology that’s fine but it doesn’t hurt to have a business card. And if you just ever want to slip it to somebody who you can’t really talk to or you just want to connect with somebody, it gives you that opportunity to pass it on.

 Make it Unique

 Make it look professional, have a professional image of yourself, professional photography. Use good design, do something that looks unique, that stands out. Don’t go so corporate and boring that people don’t even want to look at it and stow it away, have some flair and if you’re thinking ahead have a call to action. See if you can put something on the business card as a lead generation so they can take some initial action to connect with you, it never hurts.

 It’s Worth the Investment

 That’s my thought about business cards, go ahead and have one, make it look cool, make it rock! Don’t go with generic templates, you see these commercials where they’re offering a hundred business cards for nine dollars, if I get a crappy business card that looks like you got a hundred of them for nine dollars, I’m sorry it does not communicate much about you that is flattering. It looks like you’re cheap, it looks like you’re not willing to invest in yourself. So unless you really are aiming to be the Walmart of the world, invest in getting a nice business card, make it look sharp and then use it if needed.

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Create a Community for Your Brand- Its all About the Audience

Create a Community for Your Brand- Its All About the Audience

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In this article Kenny Harper illustrates the importance of building a relationship with your audience before inviting them to anything you offer. He relates the online relationship to a new party where you must have a few interactions with people before they really begin to trust you. Kenny will leave you with tips for establishing these relationships in the online realm.

 Relationships are Two-Sided

 Building a branded community. What is this? Well the audience that you attract may come to you, look at your web page, come to your social media profiles; comment on, like, tweet or  share your pages. They may interact with you but are you interacting with them? That’s an important part. To really be the rock star you need to connect with your audience, let them know that you care that they are there and appreciate their support, this allows you to form deeper relationships.

 “It takes too much time..”

 Indeed it can be very time consuming to try to interact everybody all the time on social media, it’s a non-stop party online but you can take a little bit of time here and there to go through and respond people that have responded to you.

 Try This:

  • Ask them questions
  • Provide answers
  • Thank them for sharing & getting involved

 This will help you get to know your audience and begin to build and establish relationships.

 Nobody Likes a Person Who Only Talks About Themselves

 I see a lot of people missing the mark when it comes to online social media and in person marketing for that matter, people go to an event or they’ll go online into a group and post something that is self-serving and then wonder why nobody’s responding. It’s because people don’t know who they are. It’s so important to take the time to establish those relationships, let people know:

 “Hey it’s nice to meet you! That’s really important information that you shared! Here’s also something that you were asking about, let me provide some value!”

 “Hey Sally I think you did an amazing job, congratulations on your accomplishment!”

 Having some dialogue, establishing your community, having the interaction; that’s how you’re really going to create the difference between just putting content out there and actually building something of value. You see people who are rocking it and know how to do this, they’re leveraging the relationship because they’ve paid attention.

 For New Results Try a New Approach

 I’ll admit in the past I’ve gotten so busy trying to be focused on work and getting stuff done that I missed some of the important part of actually taking the time to connect and build a relationship. I may have done this if I was face-to-face but sometimes online it seemed a little disconnecting. Here’s the cool thing you can always change your habits and start taking new actions right now!

 If you’re looking for new results you’ve got to take new actions. If you’re going to do the same old actions, you’re always going to get the same old results. If we’re looking to elevate we’ve got to grow by taking new actions!

 Come Up With a Simple Strategy

 Establish your community, start small maybe pick a couple Facebook or LinkedIn groups, snapchat or whatever it is you’re doing and interact with the little community. Build some rapport and once they know who you are, maybe come up to them in the next party (online). Slowly through time invite them to interact with you, tune into your frequency, subscribe to your newsletter, watch your videos or come to your webinar and events etc. BUT you’ve got to build that initial relationship. It’s critical.

 Strive For Genuine

 If you come off snooty and don’t connect with people then they’re not going to want to connect with you, bottom line. Or if they do and you’re in a place of such high status that they’re coming to you even when you’re being snooty, then they probably just want something from you and it’s not a genuine connection. So really connect with people, be authentic and establish real relationships.

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Content is king when it is good content

Marketing Content is King…When it is Good Content. Bad Content Wears No Crown

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In this article Kenny Harper discusses the difference between value-adding and unnecessary content. He demonstrates the benefits of providing meaningful content and leaves you with questions to ask yourself that will put you on the path to creating entertaining and results oriented content for your audience.

 Serve your people

 They say content is king but is it really king? Well it’s King if it serves people, if it really is getting people to take the desired actions you want them to but just putting out content for the sake of it isn’t helping. I’ve seen a lot of people waste a lot of time saying ‘I’m going to create a blog,’ then they make all of these blogs but don’t get much traffic and are left scratching their head. Sometimes they get on social media or create a lot of posts but then don’t get the traffic they want.

 Why do you think that is?

 Many times it is because they didn’t create content that was valuable to the audience for which they were aiming. Or they didn’t market their content to be put in front of people.

 You Must Market Your Content

 If a blog post is written in the forest does anyone read it? Well it’s kind of the same concept as the tree falling in the forest… you get my point. So if you write a blog post but then don’t promote and share it, people may not ever know it’s there. You’ve got to let people know it’s there!

 But First It Has To Do 1 of 2 Things…

 Before you even write, you need to make sure it’s going to serve a purpose. It needs to serve and communicate to your target audience and provide some sort of value. It’s either going to give them pleasure and help them get closer to pleasure or it’s going to move them away from pain and resolve an issue they have. You can give them some sort of information to do one of those two things. You may say “what if you’re just trying to be funny or entertaining” well that’s going to give pleasure. “Well what if you’re giving information that’s going to help someone solve a problem?”… Yeah there we go! It’s either pleasure or pain, that’s what drives people’s behaviors.

 Strategy For Creating Effective Content

 Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

 Think about who you’re connecting with, what they’re seeking or trying to move away from and then create content that’s going to help them do one of those two things. You can do this and if you need some ideas you can always go to your benchmarks or competitors and see what they’re talking about. Go to popular websites that have a lot of content, see what content pieces are getting the most comments or shares and then write some content that shares YOUR particular insights on that topic.

 You don’t have to write anything so complicated or revolutionary that it becomes very challenging to write. In fact, people are coming to you because you have knowledge of a particular subject. Now you can give out expert high-level content and you’re going to attract people that probably know as much if not more than you do about your topic. But if you’re trying to serve a particular level of people then you want to speak at a lower level, not a bad level but a level that’s helping to serve the people that are looking for the information you are providing.

 For Example:

 If you are a financial advisor you don’t need to come up with crazy complicated, high-level financial advisor blog posts that are going to be over most people’s heads. You can create simple blog posts that speak to the average Joe because what may be basic to you as a financial advisor, may be very valuable information for someone in the general public who is looking for baseline advice.

 Ideas to Brainstorm for your Content Strategy

 4 Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. What are common questions that your target audiences asks you?
  2. What are questions that you answer on a regular basis?
  3. What ideas or perspectives are unique to you?
  4. Do you have your own stance on a topic?

 Communicate these things. Personally I like doing a nice laundry list of different ideas and topics that I could potentially turn into videos or blog posts. From there I simply record and produce them. After they’ve been prioritized I work towards optimizing.

 Making it easy

 If you try to make it too complicated you’re going to have trouble getting it done. So go easy on yourself, make the commitment to get it finished and start implementing your content strategy today! For now good is good enough, let’s get started!

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Personal Branding Event for Business Professionals Lincoln Nebraska

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AMA Lincoln’s Educational Luncheon: How to Leverage Your Personal Brand to Move Up, Make More & Thrive with Professional Speaker, Kenny Harper


Thursday, August 10th from 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Graduate Lincoln
141 N 9th St.
Lincoln, NE 68508


Register Online »

Rockstar Professionals

When you register and attend this event I will share with you:

  1. The Critical Key to Successful Results in Personal Branding
  2. Five Steps to Elevate Your Influence & Attract Amazing New Opportunities
  3. A Powerful Strategy for Easy & Effective Implementation

Why Personal Branding is Critical for Professionals and Marketing in Today’s Market?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have your ideal job offers or clients coming to you?

Would you like to gain an edge over competition in your market so that you stand out and are seen as the expert in your industry?

Have you noticed that the most successful celebrities are looking more like entrepreneurs and the most successful entrepreneurs are looking more like celebrities?

  • 92% of people trust a person even if they don’t know them over a company.
  • 85% of people trust will trust an influencer they follow over a traditional celebrity.
  • 91% of companies who have tried influencer marketing have found it to be effective.

So why are influencers so powerful and how are they revolutionizing marketing & advertising? Personal Branding!

Personal branding can be used for business growth in many different ways and when leveraged strategically.

Don’t Miss Out on This Event, Register Now to Claim Your Seat & Get Amplified!

Register Now »
Kenny Harper - Coach & Consultant

Kenny Harper is co-author of Rock My Image’s best seller, Amplify Your Business!

Amplify Your Business

You Are Invited to Join Us, Learn & Leverage!

Join AMA Lincoln for our workshop on August 10th where marketing expert and award-winning speaker Kenny Harper will share strategies you can leverage to differentiate yourself and become a Rockstar Professional in your industry.

Who is this Event For?

  • Marketers & CMOs
  • Designers & Brand Strategists
  • Communication and Industry Experts
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

What to Expect from This Awesome Event:

Get ready to rock with a fun, interactive, personal branding presentation aimed to inspire & motivate you to elevate your influence and maximize your full potential!

Kenny will share key concepts from his book Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success including the powerful takeaways listed below.

Register Now »

When You Attend This Event You Will Receive:

Kenny will share key concepts from his book Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success including these powerful takeaways:

  1. The Critical Key to Successful Results in Personal Branding
  2. Five Steps to Elevate Your Influence & Attract Amazing New Opportunities
  3. A Powerful Strategy for Easy & Effective Implementation

You will gain practical knowledge that you can apply to your personal brand or use the strategies and actions to your clients.

Event Attendees will Receive:

  • A FREE Personal Branding Checklist
  • An Invite to an Exclusive Online Implementation Training for Rapid Results
  • A Powerful Rockstar Professional Digital Asset
  • A Copy of the Presentation Slides

PLUS: Additional giveaways and opportunities will be offered to the audience.

Don’t Wait, Register Now & Take The First Step Towards Elevating Your Influence & Attracting New Opportunities!

Rockstar Professionals

Kenny Harper is:

  • Producer of Rockstar Profesionals
  • An Award Winning Speaker
  • Certified Magnetic Marketing Adviser
  • Certified Presentrainer™
  • Alumni of Harvard Faculty Club Mastermind
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Sharing is Caring! Thanks For Your Support!

“It’s in the decisions that you make that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

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Email marketing to amplify your personal brand

Email Marketing Amplifies Your Personal Branding

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Discover the power of emails and the benefits of taking your email marketing to the next level. Learn how to easily send different emails according to your audience’s individual personality personas and evaluate your organization’s current email marketing effectiveness by asking yourself these 6 questions.

 Emails. They can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there and you have a lot of people vouching for them. Now while social media may be flashy, interesting and get a lot of buzz, and some social media influencers get a lot of attention, email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can get in front of people.

 Email is where people go to work

Social media is where people go to avoid work

 Most of the time email goes directly to your audience’s inbox but you can use some different marketing strategies to simplify your emails allowing you to increase the chance of them going to your subscriber’s priority inbox.

 With social media unless people are on the channel or looking right then, they may miss your post and your message is a blip and a notion. It should still be part of your marketing arsenal but remember email marketing is even more powerful. When you take your messaging a step further you can be sure of the fact that your email list will grow if you connect with people. When people opt-in for information from your website or information from your social media channels, you are able to put them into your list and segment your list into separate interests, demographics, and psychographics. From there you are able send out different messaging that will be directly in response to that particular person.

 Let’s get automated

 With automated marketing you can use behavioral marketing which is really cool! This means you can send emails to people depending on which actions they take. So when people visit your website, or certain pages on your website, if they haven’t visited your website in a while, when they fill out certain forms or maybe they do a combination of different things; you can send out specified emails or even a series of emails that effectively communicate your message to the individual according to the personality persona that they have. That’s why emails can be so powerful. Most people don’t know how to fully leverage them and their total potential. As rock star professionals we ensure that we invest in our own knowledge and expertise in order to play every ace and really be effective when it comes to marketing.

 Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Email Marketing

  1. Where are you at with your emails?
  2. Do you have list?
  3. Is it segmented?
  4. Are you using it?
  5. Are you getting results?
  6. Are you doing behavioral marketing?

 Take Action

 If you’re not doing everything it’s time to assess what you are doing. If you’re not playing every ace you could be doing something more. By becoming more efficient with your marketing you can get better results through time.

 If you’d like an assessment of your email marketing or a list of tools and strategies that can be used for your email marketing I am happy to provide it for you. I invite you to visit my website at kennyharper.rocks and have an awesome day!

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tip to elevate your personal brand- define your benchmarks

Tip To Elevate Your Personal Brand- Define Your Benchmarks

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Today Kenny Harper illustrates the link between achieving success according to your own standard and determining a benchmark who has already reached that point. He provides you with questions to ask yourself when studying your benchmark and explains how to emulate without copying them.

The Importance Of Finding A Benchmark According To YOUR Vision Of Success

Defining a brand benchmark is very important. First off what is a benchmark? A benchmark is something that you can look up to and measure yourself against. You want to see what people are doing that is excellent, great and is achieving results. When you model success you can become successful and that’s what most people are striving to achieve. It’s not money that we ultimately want, money can buy freedom but money can’t buy happiness.

We aim to be successful not just in the money that we create or achieving a certain status, we aim to be successful by creating the lifestyle that we’ve envisioned, by being fulfilled and providing value. That’s the important part. We want to model people who are successful in OUR eyes if we’re striving to achieve similar results. We don’t want to look only at people that have a lot of money because they might not be the right benchmarks. We want to find people who are in our particular industry, share our values or are doing something that we really gravitate towards, something in which we can see ourselves doing something very similar. We want to find that benchmark and study what they’re doing.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Studying Your Benchmark:

  • How do they portray themselves?
  • What content do they put out there?
  • How do they serve people?
  • What makes them different?

The Difference Between Emulating and Copying Your Benchmark

What you want to do here is study different benchmarks, you want to define the benchmarks that are for you and will help you towards your bold vision. You want to learn from them but not to copy them, you can emulate but you don’t want to copy. Copying is just taking what somebody else does and making a generic version of it, that’s not how you’ll become successful. You’re welcome to use some of the good things that others are doing but make it your own. Be original, be genuine, be yourself. When you do that with the right intent and are providing value consistently while continuing to strive towards achieving your bold vision, you will claim your stage as a rock star professional!

Take Action

So what are you going to do next? Define your benchmarks of course! What are some benchmarks that really inspire you? Who are some people in your industry that have values or operate in a manner that you really appreciate? Feel free to share them I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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critical step of personal branding - defining a bold vision

Critical Step Of Personal Branding- Defining Bold Vision

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In this article Kenny Harper demonstrates how defining your Bold Vision is key to elevating your personal brand. He enforces the importance of clarity in specific areas, reveals a common factor that all icons have and leaves you with 8 questions to ask yourself while going through the process.

 Elevate Your Personal Brand By Dreaming Big & Defining Your Bold Vision

 The first important step to elevate your personal brand allowing you to step into your greatness is to really identify and define YOUR BOLD VISION. They say whatever you dream you can conceive and that you really need to dream big and reach for the stars. Well that’s true in life, in your personal brand and in the business world; it’s true for just about everything. If you want to achieve greatness you’ve gotta dream big and you’ve got to take bold action.

 That’s what having a bold vision is all about. A lot of people in business or even in the influencer space look to see what others are doing and they fall low-suit. However just because other people are doing something doesn’t mean that you need to. It may not fit your goals, your desires or your personality. What I recommend is to begin by defining your bold vision, what do you want your life to be like? Really understand and have clarity of what that is.

 4 Areas That Need To Be Clear:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you’re about
  3. The purpose you serve
  4. The bold vision of what you’re trying to achieve

 When these are determined with clarity then every action that you take in your business or in defining your personal brand can work towards achieving your bold vision. If it’s not working towards your vision then it may be working against it and that’s not what we want.

 8 Questions To Ask Yourself When Defining Your Bold Vision:

  1. What is the bold vision of what you’re trying to create?
  2. How do you want to be perceived?
  3. What are your skills?
  4. What are your talents?
  5. What do you like, what don’t you like?
  6. How much money are you looking to make?
  7. What service are you aiming to provide?
  8. How will you provide value to people?

 Identifying these things is IMPORTANT and CRITICAL if you really want to produce whatever it is you’re trying to build.

 Take Action

Start with identifying what your bold vision is and what are you trying to achieve, and make sure to DREAM BIG! If you want to achieve greatness, to achieve things that are massive and be the rock star professional in YOUR industry you need to think big.

 The Determining Factor: What All Icons Have In Common

 All of the successful rock stars, athletes, and celebrities didn’t get to being who they are just by waking up and becoming the celebrity entity in which you think of them. They were born a person like everyone else but these people had a dream. They had a vision, communicated it and found people to help bring that vision to life. Any icon in the world didn’t become an icon by themselves. It took a team of people to make it happen and to believe in the vision of what they were trying to create. So start defining your bold vision today and begin claiming your stage as a rock star professional in life!

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Defining a message for your personal brand

Defining A Message For Your Personal Brand

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In this article Kenny harper discusses the difference between your brand message and brand voice. He gives you an example of a brand message and provides insight on how to align your brand message to your strengths.

 Your Brand Message Differs From Your Brand Voice

 Your brand message is really important. While your voice is going to be how you’re saying what you’re saying, your message is essentially the ideas and essence of what is in your mind, and your beliefs and values that you want to portray to other people. Ultimately you want to share what’s in your mind, convey it with passion and let it resonate with others.

 By doing this consistently you’re going to attract people that share those similar likes and beliefs, it’s the law of attraction coming into play. BUT you need to know clearly what your message is and communicate it with conviction.

 My Brand Message As An Example

 If you tune into my frequency you know my message, I believe that everyone has unique gifts. I feel that if everyone follows their true passions they’re going to be better off than if they’re just going through the motions. I also believe that rather than focusing on getting as much as you can for yourself, you should aim to serve a higher purpose. You should aim to provide value for more people. When you give to and serve more people, you’ll naturally attract more opportunities yourself, that’s how it works.

 So for people who want to thrive in life, I encourage you to use your unique gifts, follow your true passion and serve a higher purpose. Regarding the professionals with the attitude, the expertise and the drive who really want to prosper in life and be seen as the experts in their industry; I want to connect with them because that’s what I do. I help people become rock star professionals in their industry.

 My Strengths Corresponding to My Message

 I have a lot of background and insights as well as the spirit and guidance that can help people make better decisions, to have a bolder vision and achieve better results. I always tell people that right now you’re in the performance of your lifetime it’s called YOUR LIFE! Go all-in! Claim your stage in life and make it count. That is the message I want to communicate.

 Take Action

 Determine the message that you aim to share. Personally I want to inspire people who have an abundant mindset, want to achieve big things and who want to be thought leaders all while serving others. What do you desire to share with people, what’s your brand message?

 I’d love to hear, feel free to comment or share it with me on Facebook. You can go to facebook.com/kenny.harper.rocks, I’d love to hear your brand message and I’d love to amplify it for you. Thank you very much for sharing!

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